Alaska Fly Out Fishing Hosted Trip - September 2022

Join Montana Angler on an Alaskan adventure to the legendary Bristol Bay Region of Alaska in early September of 2022. We will be staying at the Intricate Bay Outpost which caters to a maximum of 6 anglers per week. We will be targeting a variety of species and will have options to fly to different fisheries every day. Early September is prime time to chase monster rainbows in the legendary tributaries of lake Iliamna and the remote fisheries of Katmai National Park. The new Intricate Bay Outpost program is offered by our friends at Intricate Bay Lodge, and we will enjoy the same quality of guides, pilots and service as at IBL.

The Outpost is located in the heart of the Bristol Bay region and is home to the world's largest run of Pacific salmon as well as some of the best trophy rainbow trout fishing in the world. With an arsenal of float planes and jet boats we will have incredible access to the most productive fisheries in the region. Anglers will be able to target some of Alaska's most famous remote fisheries such as the Copper, Gibralter, Kvicack, Iliamna, Newhalen, Talirik, Moraine, Funnel, Kamishak to name a few.

The Alaskan season is short and and dates go fast!

Read our past trip reports at the sister lodge, Intricate Bay Lodge, for an idea of what to expect (we fish the same region from the Outpost):

2016 Trip Report to Intricate Bay Lodge

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Week of September 12-18
This week will coincide with the peak of the the sockeye salmon run with eager rainbows following them up rivers to aggressively hunt for eggs. A great combination of good fishing and nice weather.

$8000 Full fly out fishing package includes 7 nights at lodge, 5 full fly out fishing days and 1 local fishing day on the Copper River via jet boat (weather dependent on flights)

September 3 –  (Saturday) fly to Anchorage – self book hotel (we recommend Lakefront Anchorage Hotel)
September 4 - afternoon flight to Iliamna village, lodge pilots pickup in the village to fly to lodge in time for dinner
September 5 - full day fishing
September 6 - full day fishing
September 7 - full day fishing
September 8 - full day fishing
September 9 - full day fishing
September 10 - Local fishing via jet or lake boat, return to lodge and fly to Iliamna village for the early evening flight to Anchorage. Either take a red eye flight or stay night in Anchorage

*NOTE - fly out fishing is weather dependent. If weather is deemed not safe for flying fishing options close to the Outpost are available via jet boat or lake boat