Jurassic Lake Hosted Trip

Experience the best fishing in the world for huge rainbow trout at Lago Strobel (aka Jurrasic Lake), the Barrancoso river and Moro Creek. Lago Strobel is a prolific trout factory that regularly produces trout over 20lbs. The lake has an amble food base of scuds and minnows allowing trout to grow quickly. 10lb trout in Lago Strobel are simply "average fish" and you can expect to catch numerous trout in the high teens and have an excellent shot at 20+ pound monsters. Jurrasic Lake rainbows are not only big but they are incredibly strong and acrobatic. These massive rocket-ships will quickly take you into your backing while tail walking across the lake. Jurrasic Lake Lodge was the first lodge on Lago Strobel and is the only program with access to the mouth of the Barrancosa River where trout congregate. Our hosted trip occurs during some of the very best dates of the year at Lago Strobel. Our late October dates coincide with spring in Patagonia when thousands of huge rainbows are running up the Barrancoso. There are still plenty of fish in the lake as they congregate at the mouth of the river. Catch rates are high and the fish are in prime shape.

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2019 October hosted trip arrive lodge October 26th

Sample Itinerary
October 23rd – depart US (NOTE option to leave on 24th instead and skip the night in Buenos Aires)
October 24th – arrive Buenos Aires international airport – taxi to Lois Suites Recoletta (this will be booked directly with the hotel) – see some local sights and enjoy a nice dinner at a local steak house
October 25th – taxi to domestic airport BUE; fly to Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) – self book at Lucania Palazzo Hotel
October 26th – charter flight to Jurassic Lake Lodge (included in package) – guided fishing
October 27th - guided fishing
October 28th - guided fishing
October 29th - guided fishing
October 30th - guided fishing
October 31st - guided fishing
Nov 1st – guided fishing
Nov 2nd – depart via charter flight to CRD, fly CRD to BUE (afternoon flight), cab to EZE and fly home
Nov 3rd – arrive home in US

Price: $6900 per person
*extra costs include meals in Buenos Aires, taxi fair in Buenos Aires, hotel night in Buenos Aires and lodge/guide gratuities