Boulder River Fishing Report

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Boulder River Report

Current Conditions:
The Boulder can be a tough winter option.  Shelf ice can make things difficult.  A day spent searching out open water could prove to be productive, if you can find open and fishable deep, slow water.  Standard fair for nymphing like stone fly nymphs and baetis patters is productive.  Small brightly colored patterns can produce as well.  Swinging and stripping streamers can turn some browns from time to time, as long as you can find open water.  Cloudy weather will bring up rising trout during the baetis hatch like clockwork in the later afternoon. As things warm up look for more open water and more rising fish. A warm, cloudy day can yield some great BWO fishing.

The Month Ahead:
Look for things opening up as the month progresses.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
The Boulder is a cold river and not a premier winter fishery. Keep an eye out for things to open up through March. It will become a more viable option in April after the thaw.