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My friends and I have been coming to Montana for a week of fly fishing for over six years. We began using Brian and Miles as our guides two years ago and would never go back to anyone else. Our fly fishing trips have risen to a whole different level as far as diversity and excitement. The McGeehan's can fish areas no other guide can touch due to their skill and use of rafts. We have had some truly phenomenal fishing days in water that gets very little fishing pressure because of limited access. I will never forget my trip in Yankee Jim Canyon in 2008. We caught more fish than I could even count! Also, I have very much enjoyed trips to places such as the Sitz Ranch and Willow Creek that I would have never known existed or had access to without Brian and Miles.
Charlie Watkins - Birmingham, AL

Thank you so much for setting up all of our trips. The guides were all exceptional and we enjoyed three great days out on the water. I personally fished with Casey, ( maybe the best guide I have ever fished with and a great guy) , Ryan ( another extremely talented teacher who really taught me a new way to nymph and an exceptionally bright and engaging guy) and Matt.. ( really a great guy, good fisherman, he got me on a big 19.5" brown which beat Casey's 16" cutthroat). My wife and daughter loved fishing with Miles and caught a ton of fish while being thoroughly entertained by his stories from his recent trip to Canada. Also thought Sean was a really knowledgeable fishing guide; really a student of the river. My buddies all loved it and a couple want to go get fly rods and better still, all of my daughters loved it despite the fact that they fished in tough condition: cold and wet for most of that day. You did a great job Brian and I really appreciate you setting me up with the crème de la crème of guides and being so responsive!
, I will call you again to fish without question.
Bryn Stroyke - CA

Thank you so much for setting up an unbelievable fishing trip. I went back and forth on the trip out west or deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys, having been to the keys fishing several times over the past few years I decided on MT. I'm so glad I choose Montana Angler. It was a trip of a lifetime for both me and my son, Tyler. Can't wait to get back on the river next year! Sean Blaine is no doubt, one of the best guides I have had the opportunity to fish with. He bent over backwards to insure our success on the river. I highly recommend his talent and will always compliment his professionalism both on and off the water. He put Tyler's fear of fly fishing at ease in a very short time. He is a true gentleman and Montana Angler should feel proud to have him represent their business.
Jonathan Marks, Bridgeport WV

The fishing trip most definitely exceeded our expectations. We had great opportunities and landed some really good fish on both of our floats. In our opinion it is hard to beat a trip down the Yellowstone even if the fish aren't cooperating, fortunately they were more than cooperative for us. Both of our guides were absolutely top notch. Professional is a term used to define someone who is very good at what they do. Miles and Tony are somewhere beyond that definition, they were exceddingly courteous and helpful with tips and techniques to make the most of our time on the water. By far the two best guides I've had for any type of fishing. It was more like fishing with a good friend and less like fishing with a guide, which is a personal touch that isn't easy to find. Our accommodations were perfect as well, no issues of any sort. Once again you guys did an impeccable job, could not have asked for any more. I've sort of caught the fishing bug for out there in Montana so when I make it out there again you will definitely be the first person I call to book another trip. Thank you so much it really was a trip I'll never forget.
Justin and Kathy Marinkov - PA

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip. It was far beyond what I expected!!!! Matt is an amazing guide. He busted his butt for three days straight and put me on some amazing fish. I'm sure he will fill you in on the fishing, but from my point of view it was truly a dream come true. Felt like damn near every cast I was on a fish. Matt truly provided an all around experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Thank you so much for your guidance and all you provided. The entire experience was amazing and I can't wait to come back!!
Trey Estes, Hernando MS

We had a great time and really appreciate your coordinating our plans and accommodations. I can't believe how easy it is to get up there; a quick flight and we're in the fly fishing zone! Kevin was great; so easy to be with, great personality, and knew his fishing (not to mention his patience with us). Anyway, the Madison Valley Ranch worked out great as well -nice people and conveniently located. Hope to return soon and see all of you again. Thanks!
Karen & Ed Heagen San Clemente, CA

We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation and had a great learning experience with both Sean and Chuck I concur with your assessment that they are some of the most knowledgeable guides in Montana. On my next fishing trip I will request them by name. They both have different teaching styles but equally effective. Sean is the precise taskmaster who leaves nothing to chance and Chuck is more laid back. They both loved fly fishing and their passion for teaching was obvious. On a 1-10 scale they were both 10s. Steve and Keith over at the Gallatin River Lodge could not have been nicer. The accommodations were everything I expected and more. They also have some of the prettiest ladies in Montana working there.
Bill & Don Murray - New York City, NY

What can I say but WOW what fantastic vacation for my brother and myself. Montana Anglers put together the perfect package for us from the lodging/dinners at Yellowstone Valley Lodge to the four amazing days of fly fishing with your expert staff. I'll start with YVL, what a beautiful, picturesque retreat, instantly relieving us from the from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From the comfortable beds to the excellent gourmet dinners, to the views of the Yellowstone River every morning and the starlight sky at night. The staff and owners made us welcome from the first day to the last. Of course the highlight of our trip was fishing on the Madison, Boulder (upper and lower) and Jefferson Rivers with your professional guides Sean and Kevin. Sean had us for the first 3 days of fishing. Since I had never picked up a pole in my life and my brother was a reel man, Sean had his work cut out for him. I have to say, I have never met a more calm, cool and collected instructor, especially with my brother who can become frustrated at times. Sean had the patience and the ability to teach us a new sport we will both enjoy for a long time. And fish, and fish and fish we did, and even managed to hook that BIG one on the Jefferson. Unfortunately it got away. But the other two or so dozen rainbows, brownies and whites we caught over those 3 days weren't so lucky. Can't say enough about what an overall great guy Sean is. And knowledgeable not only about fishing but everything from archeology to comedy movies! Oh and I have to add, it was soo charming that he brought not only fold up chairs, but also a table, including tablecloth, for our most delicious and filling lunches. Our only day with Kevin was our last day in Montana. Kevin commented immediately on how well we were fishing with only 3 days instruction. Again, fish were practically jumping at us, we caught soo many. And as a added bonus, Kevin, the "expert oarsman" as you described him so well in his bio, guided us through some very scenic white water on the upper Boulder. And as with Sean, Kevin was an all around great guy! All and all I can't think of one thing that we asked for that was missed on this trip. And for my brother Brady, you fulfilled a "trip of a lifetime" for him. I just can't thank you and your staff enough for this wonderful experience. I would definitely refer you to anyone who wanted to fish Montana.
Kathleen Donahue - Cheektowaga, NY

I can easily say that this was a great trip. Brett Seng was a real pleasure to fish with and worked hard to put us onto big fish. By the end of the trip we both felt like we were fishing with a friend rather than a paid fishing guide. He has a great knowledge and passion for the sport of fly fishing. I look forward to fishing with him again in the future. Additionally, the Madison Valley Ranch is a first class fishing lodge. The food was superb and the staff made us feel as though we were at home. I heartily recommend both Montana Angler and Madison Valley Ranch for anyone who is looking for a great fly fishing package. They will not be disappointed.
Ed Robbs - Argyle, Texas

When one of my employees told me last year that her nephew Brian McGeehan was a fly fishing guide in Montana, my radar went up immediately. I checked out his excellent website, and was immediately 'hooked'! The next question was which trip to book? I was really excited about the option to camp on the Yellowstone River, and so I made arrangements for my 3 good friends from graduate school to join me on a 3 day fly fishing and camping adventure in God's County. Brian and his wife Ann made the planning so easy, they were prompt and professional in all of their communications, and they effortlessly took care of all of the details. We arrived in Bozeman on a gorgeous day in late September and took the airport shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn. Brian and Ann had previously arranged our hotel accommodations, and all we needed to do was show up and present a credit card for any incidental charges. The next morning Brian and the other guide Tom Jenni met us at the hotel to load up our overnight gear in dry storage bags, and to pack up our fishing gear for the drive to the Yellowstone. Before you knew it, we were on the water and catching fish! The next 3 days were an absolutely glorious blend of awesome fishing, breathtaking scenery, perfect weather and the pure joy of male bonding! Our guides Brian and Tom really know their stuff. They had an amazing knack of being able to read the water and know just where the next big trout might be, and maneuvering the boat to present us with the best chance to successfully cast to hungry fish. And catch fish we did! What a thrill, to see trout after trout slurp up our dry fly offerings and then put on a desperate battle, only to be gently photographed and then released to be caught again. The guides cooked delicious hot shore lunches each day, and in the evening we were greeted with a first class campsite with tents erected, and the cots, tables, chairs and awnings in place. We had a great selection of beer, wine and mixed drinks to celebrate the day, followed by an outstanding evening meal and then stories around the campfire. The smell of coffee and bacon or sausage woke us each morning and then it was off to enjoy another day of utopia. The great people with Montana Angler made our recent trip an absolute grand slam home run. We had the time of our lives with world class fishing made possible because of their world class guiding abilities. Brian, Tom and Conner were laid back, easy to please, fun to be around and did everything possible to make sure we had the time of our lives. We did! Can't wait to go back!
Tom Stark - Aimes, Iowa

Brian: Ray and I want to thank you and Casey for one of the best fishing trips we have ever taken. For a couple of southern guys who have never been fly fishing, yours and Casey's patients were extremely appreciated. Not to mention the fishing was GREAT!!! I have never been on a fishing trip where I have learned so much about the fish , their habitat and been in such beautiful surroundings. We fished for three days, and each day was a unique experience by itself that taught us three different fishing techniques in different surroundings. I would recommend anyone interested in Montana trout fishing, from the beginner to the expert to use Montana Angler and their guides. Thanks for a great time.
Coye Yeager - Auburn, AL

Montana Angler met all of our expectations and anticipated our needs, from booking the trip to ensuring our trip went flawlessly. Adam was great and very patient with us, as beginners we weren't always putting the flies where they needed to be, he was helpful and answered all of our questions. It was a great day. I'll be back to soon!
Patrick Spring - Panama City Beach, FL

Montana Angler is first class. All of the fishing guides are professional anglers and know how to show you a good time. Our recent trip to Montana exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend booking a trip with these guys, you won't be disappointed.
Bart Foster, Atlanta, GA

Miles and Kevin took on quit a challenge with our grandchildren. They had such a great time - didn't want to leave - Zack wants to buy a "cheap" fly fishing pole….they could not say enough about how much they learned, the fish they caught, and even lunch was delicious. Zack, Beau and Ed have fished the ocean and have fly-in fished Alaska - they said without a doubt this was their favorite. Thank Miles and Kevin for making our vacation so special…the fishing group is planning another trip for next year.
Barbara Erisman, Westminster CO

2010 will be the fourth year my fishing partner and I have fished with Brian. My buddy and I are at opposite poles of the fishing spectrum. He is an accomplished angler and it is generous to say that I am average at best. Part of the beauty of having Brian as our guide is that he can find fishing challenges that match our respective skills in the same stretch of water and we both catch fish. From my perspective, I attribute whatever success I have had to Brian’s talent as a guide and teacher. These are skills amplified by his knowledge, enthusiasm, energy and patience. My comments are predicated upon having trout fished casually for several years, before meeting Brian, with several different guides. I’m talking about experienced guides, including Orvis endorsed guides, who have been plying their profession each for a number of years. None of them come close to being as good as Brian. The experience my friend and I have had fishing with Brian is far superior to that we have had with anyone else. In addition to being an expert angler himself, Brian understands how to read the water and communicate technique as he coaches his clients to outstanding results. One of the things, besides his overall knowledge, that distinguishes Brian from most other guides working the Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers and their watersheds is that Brian is able to match one of his three boats to any water. For example, if you want to fish Bear Trap or Yankee Jim Canyons your need a big raft. But if your interest is in other parts of the Madison or Yellowstone you need a drift boat and if your purpose is in fishing smaller, less fished tributaries such as the Big Hole or Boulder rivers you need a smaller raft. Brian has all of these boats and they are in excellent condition for safety and comfort. Brian is a guide who personally fishes by himself or with buddies whenever he can; as a result he is most knowledgeable about all of the rivers in Southwest Montana. Proactive best describes Brian’s style. If one fly isn’t working, he does not hesitate to ask his clients to reel in their lines so he can switch flies. But from my experience this only happens once or twice during the day because Brian usually gets it right the first or second try as he knows the right flies for the river, the conditions and the season. If you haven’t guessed by now I am a huge Brian McGeehan fan! He has earned my respect by his demeanor, affability and the results my fishing partner and I have had when we fish with Brian.
Marvin Gill - Tampa, Florida

I just wanted to send you a thank you. The fishing trip down the Yellowstone River was great. My father and I had a blast and that's priceless. Matt was a great guide and very easy to converse with. The eight or so hours on the water went way to quickly. The fishing was unbelievable and seeing a trout come from 5 or 10 feet under your fly to take it off the surface was pretty amazing. Feel free to use us as a reference.
Thomas Yeager - Clearfield, PA

Your team at Montana Angler was totally committed to us on our trip to the Circle P Ranch. Matt and Adam were awesome and took care of every need we had. The days of fishing were filled with good fun and fish and we had some really awesome days. The food was also great and we ate like kings, and you could not ask for a better place to stay it was very nice. It was a trip that my son and I will not forget; keep up the good work!
Robert & Austin Brand - MO

A friend of mine told me I should take up fly-fishing, I would really enjoy it. Deciding to give it a real try, I contacted Montana Angler to set up date to come to Montana. Wow! My friend was right. Thanks to you, I know that I am going to be fly-fishing for the rest of my life. It was an awesome experience. I'm glad I choose Montana Angler. A special thanks to my guide, Sean Blaine who made the whole experience enjoyable. Sean always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and his ten years of experience provided a great learning experience for me. I can't wait to come back next year.
Rodger Creveling- Port Richey, FL

My first experience fly fishing was with Brian and Miles McGeehan in Bear Trap Canyon on a day when the water level spiked to extremely high levels from an unexpected release from Ennis Lake. Despite the difficult conditions, Brian was patient and confident and I not only came through the class V rapids in the canyon safely, but I also discovered a new hobby. I enjoyed the trip so much that two weeks later I got my son out on the water with the Brian who then had two rookies in the same boat. Again, he was very patient and confident. Three years later, my wife started her fly fishing experience with Brian in the Bear Trap. Thanks to Brian and Miles, fly fishing has become a family affair. We cannot wait until our five year old is big enough to learn the ropes from Brian and Miles and the other Montana Angler fly fishing guides.
Barry Usher - Billings, MT

I'm sure the next time we're in Montana we will look to Montana Anglers for another great fishing experience and perfect accommodations. Thank you for a memorable vacation.
Evelyn Monckton - Commerce City, CO

Thanks again for a fantastic weekend. You guys couldn't have been more kind, gracious, hard-working, and professional. I hope we see you again soon.
Tom Mills - Florida

Our trip was to XXXXXX Creek with my spouse, who is a novice fisherman. I can honestly say that this trip exceeded my expectations in terms of both the experience and the fishing. To my knowledge, we were the only two people fishing the water that day. The canyon was truly beautiful and the fishing was very strong all day long. I was delighted to land two big brown trout on the day and to hook up with two others that were in the 20 inch range. It would be hard to complain about a day like that on most any river! Again, Miles impressed Kim, my wife, with his knowledge and gentle guidance. I got to see his netting skills first hand and applauded him for managing to successfully net one of those large browns who had a knack for kicking just as the net approached.
Tim Snyder - Burkeridge, CT

Two years ago, we did two float trips with you and your brother, Miles, on the Madison; one with my son and one with my brother-in-law. We are still talking about what wonderful experiences those were. I couldn't believe how hard you guys worked and the service you provided. When Miles pulled a propane burner out of the boat and made us a grilled chicken Caesar salad on a sandbar in the middle of the Madison, it about blew me away. I tell everyone who is interested that your guided trips are the best value for money of any recreational or service dollars I have ever spent.
Jim Kane - Palm Desert, CA

Thanks for a "gem" of a day on the Ruby River. My dad was having some trouble wading swifter water so you took him and my brother Jim to the tail waters just below the dam in a hole that gets a lot of pressure and the fish are very wise to the usual patterns. Thanks to your help, they both hooked up on big fish with my dad landing a 22" brown in only his second fly fishing trip. Miles took me and my brother Sam downstream and I was very intimidated by the swift currents but Miles knew the stream very well and by mid afternoon we had landed a dozen with the smallest in the 16" range. We couldn't have done it without you, thanks!
Vince Cava - Bridgeport, WV

For our first crack at fly fishing we employed the services of Montana Angler Fly Fishing and we felt very fortunate to have Brian McGeehan and his guides managing our trip. They were all very informed, highly experienced, and quite patient with us, as we learned technique and practiced our casting and presentation skills right on the water. We floated two different rivers over two days and enjoyed a terrific trip as Brian and his cohorts were very knowledgeable about the water as well as the surroundings. We caught a lot of fish and also learned a great deal more about Montana beyond fly fishing. If you are beginners, like my group, or experienced at fly fishing I highly recommend giving Montana Angler Fly Fishing an opportunity to provide you with an exciting and memorable trip on some of the most beautiful waters in the country!
Bill Thompson - Naperville, FL

I wanted to say thank you so much for making this fishing trip such a great and memorable one. You and your other guides were fantastic. As beginners, everyone was so patient with us and coached and encouraged us every step of the way. We certainly would not have had such a great experience without you guys. You were right about the conditions to catch the BIG ONE. I'll brave the cold and rain anytime to get another one like the Monster we got. Thanks again!
Eric Siegel - Birmingham, AL

I have been coming out west to fish for a number of years, always had fun, but always felt like something was missing. We fished all the main rivers, The Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, but after a while the water all looked the same. Then we found Brian and Miles, and what a difference experience and education make! These two took us to places we had never seen before: Bear Trap, Yankee Jim, the Boulder, Sitz Ranch, Willow Creek. Every day we saw different water and had a different experience. I learned more about fly fishing in our first trip out with these guys than I had learned in all the previous years we had come out west. These guys are dedicated, they care, and they will put you on some monster trout. I have the pictures to prove it!
Bo Kirkpatrick - Birmingham, Alabama

Brian, just a note to tell you what a good guy that Kevin; taking 2 ½ rookies for 2 days was challenging for him I can imagine. We all had a great time. Thanks to you and he for doing a great job…
Rob May - Seattle, Washington

Once again, Fran and I want to thank you for the amazing service you offer on our visit to Montana. Initially, with multiple days to fish the area on our calendar, we fully anticipated the use of multiple guides to be able to cover the different fishing scenarios we had in mind. After the first day of fishing with you, we had an immediate change of mind and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every day we fished in all of the various locations both wade and float fishing. I can assure you that we now always have one piece of advice when asked about fishing Montana: FISH WITH BRIAN MCGEEHAN & MONTANA ANGLER and never be disappointed! Again, thanks a million for all of your hard work and shared knowledge during our very rewarding visit.
Don Druse - Fairhope, Alabama

Just a note to thank you for the great fishing trip. It was a real pleasure to learn the ropes of Montana fly fishing from such a seasoned fisherman. I had a great time, we caught some great looking fish and saw some beautiful scenery. We'll see you again soon...
Rick Ireton - California

Brian, Chris and I really appreciate the day we spent with you on the Madison. The day would have been a disaster without you. We were impressed with the manner in which you conducted the entire trip, making it a productive, fun and safe day on the water. Thanks very much from a couple of guys in North Carolina.
Bob Nanney & Chris Johnson - Waynesville, North Carolina

Brian, Thanks for making my 30th anniversary and dream vacation the most memorable of my life. My wife surprised me by booking this fishing trip with you after being deployed in Iraq for two years. I could not of asked for a better home coming. When you come to Tampa please call so I can return the favor.
Colonel Jim Vosler - Iraq

I have been fishing the Madison River for over 20 years with a variety of different guides. I booked a trip with Brian McGeehan three years ago and it completely changed the way I think of the fishing the Madison River. My first day out with Brian we fished the river harder than I had ever fished it with any other guide. Brian believes in finding trout that other fisherman don't cast to and believe me his strategy really pays off! Sometimes we are hiking into small side channels, or making a human tripod with three people to wade into deep fast water safely to cast to "buckets" of fish, or stopping to change our rigs just to fish one large rock differently than everyone else. We have even used some type of contraption for hauling elk out to roll one of Brian's rafts 200 yards to the river so that we could fish a section that no one else can get to. Brian and his guides have also introduced me to many other "secret" spots that he has discovered in the area that are truly magical. I consider Montana Angler to have the best fly fishing guides in Montana!
Paul Rickenbaugh - Houston, TX

I fished the Yellowstone with Brian druing the summer of 2008 and it was the best day of fishing and "catching" that I've had in 20+ years of trout fishing. It was a hot, low water season and we had to stop at 2:00 p.m. to protect the fish from warm water. In spite of the fishing restrictions, it was a 30+ fish day with probably 20-25 rainbows over 16 inches, 12-15 over 18 inches and one lone 19 inch brown with many, many that were hooked, played, and finally got off before we brought them to net/boat. It was the best float day I've ever had. Thanks!
Patrick Melia - Michigan

It certainly met our expectations. Both Sean and Brett were very knowledgeable, hard working, pleasant and worth every penny that they were paid. Sean and I talked about our mutual interest in a battle that took place in South Africa in 1879. I lead student and others on tours in SA and Sean had read one of the key books about Isandlwana so we talked and fished throughout the entire day. He knew the stretch of the Madison that we fished very well. It was a great day and I almost felt bad that I wouldn't have him during the next two days, but then I met Brett. He, too, is an exceptional guide and we had a great time together on the Jefferson and upper Madison. Both guides were extremely patient, kind and thoughtful. They encouraged rather than berated, that's much appreciated as I've had guides who were not kind and, they never got my business again, that won't be the case with Sean and Brett.
Rick Lampe - Storm Lake, Iowa

I have never fly fished until this trip, but after such great instruction, I have found a new hobby. It was such a thrill to reel in my first rainbow trout. I could have fished all week if I had the chance. Thank you for making this such a memorable experience for myself and my family.
Cheryl Bardwell - Burnswell, MN

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