Mongolia Taimen Fishing

Where else can you catch a 50 inch fish on a dry fly?  Mongolia offers an amazing opportunity to target the world's largest salmonid, the Taimen, on a fly rod.  Montana Angler works with the most established Taimen camps in Mongolia which have been in operation for 20 years. In addition to the massive Taimen anglers can also target lennok which aggressively take dry flies. Strict catch and release policies and improved awareness of conservation have resulted in some of the healthiest Taimen populations in the world in the pristine Eg-Uur waterhsed. The Sweetwater Taimen camp holds nearly every world record for Taimen on the fly.

Sweetwater Mongolian Taimen Camps

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  • Huge Mongolia Taimen
Where else in the world can you catch 54" salmonids on a dry fly? Mongolia offers one of the world's last frontiers in fly fishing. Targetting massive Taimen on a fly rod in a wild and remote location.