Bahamas Fly Fishing Lodges

The Bahamas are legendary for the outstanding bonefishing that they offer. The vast network of islands offers locations both for large numbers of bones as well as areas to target trophy bones over 8 lbs. Other flats species such as permit and tarpon are also available based on season and location. The Bahamas are just off of the coast of Florida and an easy flight away that allows for both longer stays and a short trip. Nervous Waters operates three of the best lodges on the islands with outstanding proximity to productive fishing and the casual luxury that is the trademark of all of their operations. 

The prime time for visiting the Bahamas is November through May. Winter months can produce more unstable weather patterns which can affect the flats. November and December are considered the trophy bonefish months and offer your best chance at huge bones that have seen little pressure. February-May are considered the peak months and expect to book well in advance to get a spot at one of the top lodges. 

Bairs Lodge: Bahamas Fly Fishing on Andros Island

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For as long as the Bahamas have been known for their great saltwater flats fly fishing, South Andros has been a name synonymous with unparalleled bone-fishing. Names like Grassy Creek, Deep Creek, Little Creek, the Water Cays, and Curley Cut Cays are intrinsically linked to sight fishing for some of the world's largest bonefish. Over the last 25 years, Bair's has developed a reputation as one of the premier lodges in the Bahamas. The vast network of smaller cays and sheltered bays allows the guides to seek out fishable water regardless of wind direction.

Mangrove Cay Club

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Mangrove Cay Club offers a first class fly fishing experience surrounded by the vast and lightly fished flats. Andros Island is widely recognized as one of the world's most productive bonefisheries. Andros is the largest island in the Bahamian chain and also one of the least developed. The region is known for large bonefish with fish over 10 pounds not uncommon. The lodge is located in the middle of Andros along the middle bight with little competition from other lodges allowing guests to experience lightly pressured fish on a daily basis.