Gallatin River Fishing Report

Friday, July 8, 2016

Current Conditions:
The Gallatin is dropping and fishing well.  Water temps are good all day in the canyon but in the valley the heat up fast so be careful of fishing later into the day if you are down low. There are still some lingering hatches of caddis, pale morning duns and yellow sallies. The evening rise over egg laying caddis and mayfly spinner falls can produce some great fishing an hour or two before dark. Morning and mid day fishing is solid as well but you may do better nymphing.

The Month Ahead:
As the Gallatin continues to drop and clear expect to find fish in the faster pocket water when they are on the feed. Mornings and the last hour before dark will out produce the afternoons in the middle of summer. Terrestrials aren’t as important in the Gallatin Canyon as they are on other waters with the exception of the spruce moths which can produce great dry fly action in the mornings depending on their abundance (each year is different). For nymphing start using smaller flies and 5x flourcarbon.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
The Gallatin is always worth fishing in the fall although it does not produce the big fall browns with the same frequency with some of the larger rivers. You will often encounter few anglers in the fall months and it is a good time to enjoy the river.