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One of the great advantages of providing Montana fly fishing trips in the Greater Yellowstone area is the large diversity of fishing waters found in our region. Although large rivers like the Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone deservedly draw a lot of attention, some of Montana's most unique fishing can be found on streams and ponds on private land. Montana Angler has access to both free and rod fee based ranches that offer stillwater fishing for trophy trout as wells as outstanding small stream fishing.

We have access to nine different ranches in Southwest Montana and the each offer a unique fly fishing experience. Permission is always limited when we are fishing private water. Sometimes we have exclusive access to a stretch of water and other times we share it with other anglers.

Several of the ranches we visit offer outstanding opportunities to hook and land trophy trout up to 28". Other locations provide fast action and high catch rates. Some locations, such as spring creeks, offer challenging and technical fishing over prolific insect hatches. A fishing trip to one of Montana's working ranches is one of the best ways we can think of to experience the Big Sky State!
Spring Creeks
Spring creeks are small streams the originate from underground springs. The water originating in the springs maintains a constant temperature year round allowing fish to grow and feed throughout the year. Spring creeks have prolific hatches of aquatic insects and provide ample dry fly opportunities. The glassy currents of spring creeks produce some of the world's most challenging fly fishing conditions for trout. Matching wits with spring creek trout is similar to playing chess or golfing at an elite golf course: don't expect your lowest round! Several of our Montana fishing guides are experts at unlocking the secrets of these technical fisheries. Rod fees of $75-$125 apply at all spring creeks.
Sweet Grass Basecamp
Montana Angler's exclusive Sweet Grass Basecamp package places you in the heart of some of the most spectacular scenery and fishing in the lower 48. Stay on a 25,000 acre working cattle ranch at the base of the Crazy Mountains and enjoy exclusive fishing access to two trout streams on the ranch. We will also visit other private ranches in the area to target world class hopper fishing, trophy stillwaters and float fishing on the Yellowstone, Stillwater and Boulder Rivers.

Sitz Ranch
Located near both Ennis and Bozeman, the Sitz Ranch offers site fishing to trophy trout in small reservoirs. Our guides fish both from the bank and from boats and cast dries or emergers fished just below the surface to cruising trout. Fly fishing at the Sitz ranch is an exclusive experience so you will not have to worry about other fisherman when visiting. The ranch is one of the largest working black angus ranches in the state. Observing antelope, eagles, hawks, waterfowl and free ranging cattle is all part of the experience. The trout at the Sitz ranch range from 18-28" with the average around 21"! Rod fees of $75 per person apply.

No-Tell-Em Creek
Our guides have permission to fish a small productive stream on a large ranch near both Bozeman and Ennis. After a 4-wheel adventure across the ranch we make a short hike into a beautiful isolated canyon that holds a gorgeous trout filled stream at the bottom. The ranch is home to a healthy supply of antelope, mule dear, hawks, eagles, and even a few rattle snakes. Fishing is often fast and furious to rainbows and cuts that run from 11-20" in this spectacular setting.

Burn's Lake
Burn's Lake is a small reservoir near Big Timber that offers terrific fishing to very large trout. The wide open vistas of the valley and the Crazy mountains are always impressive. The spring fed lake gets a great callibaetis hatch so we are often casting to cruising or rising trout. Trout in Burn's lake are exceptionally strong and provide a terrific angling experience. Rod fees of $100 per angler apply.
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