Ruby River (private access)

Montana Angler has access to several miles of the lower Ruby River outside of Twin Bridges, MT.  Public access is scarce on the lower river so the trout here see very little pressure.  The lower Ruby is classic meadow water.  It twists and turns endlessly throughout the ranch, creating high, undercut banks.  These undercut runs and the riffles that lead into them are primarily home to Brown Trout.  This small but productive wade fishing river holds some surprisingly large trout. It is the perfect size: easy to wade but large enough to hold good fish. 

The Ruby is open to fishing year round and fishes best in the spring, early summer, and fall. In the spring, nymphing is very good with small baetis and midge imitations. Dry fly fishing can be very good in the spring as well when the midges and Blue Winged Olives are hatching. The Ruby is a tailwater fishery and typically runs low and clear in the spring. The river will rise throughout the summer as demands for irrigation water increase. Early summer sees an excellent hatch of Pale Morning Duns that can provide the best dry fly fishing of the year. As the summer wears on the Ruby becomes more inconsistent as irrigation returns can dirty the water. If you do catch it with good water conditions, the hopper fishing can be excellent. The open fields and high, grassy banks are perfect grasshopper habitat. The Ruby really comes alive again in the fall as the water drops and the Brown Trout become aggressive as they gear up to spawn. The nymph fishing remains excellent, but fall is prime time to throw streamers. The Browns become extremely territorial and stripping streamers off the banks will tap into that predatory instinct. The river is small enough that you will often see the fish chase down your streamer, adding a visual component to this already exciting technique. For the angler who can make accurate casts and cover some water, this is a great way to spend a day on the water.