Leonard Spring Creek

Leonard Spring Creek is located on a private ranch near Twin Bridges, MT.  It is a unique spring creek for the fact that you could practically jump across it in places, yet it is typically between knee and waist deep and holds some very large Brown Trout.  It is located in an open valley with lots of wetlands that are full of birds and other wildlife.

It is very difficult to approach Leonard Spring Creek because the banks are very bushy and overgrown and the fish are quite spooky.  The preferred method to fish the creek is to simply get in and wade upstream.  This is the easiest way to walk around and also provides a nice, clear casting lane overhead.  The best time to fish the creek is during the summer when the hoppers are active.  You can present your fly along the bushes and undercuts and the Browns can be lured out of hiding for the big, juicy meal.  While Leonard's is not for everyone, if you have some fly fishing experience and a sense of adventure you have the chance to take a truly large trout in a very small, unique environment.