Burns Lake

Burns Lake is a small, 30 acre reservoir near Big Timber that offers terrific fishing to very large trout.  Rainbows, Browns, and Brook Trout are all present in the lake, with many specimens stretching over 20".  The wide open vistas of the valley and the Crazy mountains are always impressive.

Burns Lake is spring fed, which boosts fertility and insect populations and keeps the lake cool in the summertime. In April and May, subsurface fishing is very good with small streamers, leeches, and beadhead nymphs. As the water temperatures rise in June the lake sees a very good callibaetis hatch that brings fish to the surface. Expect to have chances to cast at rising and cruising fish throughout the summer. Trout in Burns Lake are exceptionally strong and provide a terrific angling experience. Burns is located very close to the Yellowstone River, so it provides a great way to add variety to a trip or as a back-up plan in the event that the Yellowstone is blown out.