Flagstaff Lakes

The Flagstaff lakes are on a large ranch near Checkerboard, Montana. Both the upper and lower lake sit in a small bowl surrounded by open hillsides that give way to timbered ridgetops. Elk and deer are sighted frequently while fishing on the lakes. The upper lake is home to Rainbows as well as some of the biggest, most beautiful Brook Trout you will find in Montana. Both the Rainbows and Brook Trout average 15-16" with specimens over 20" caught regularly. The lower lake is primarily a Brown Trout fishery with similarly large fish.

Upper Flagstaff is the larger lake and we typically launch drift boats to fish it. The subsurface fishing is very good by slow stripping and twitching small nymphs and streamers. Sporadic hatches usually provide some dry fly opportunities mid-morning, and it is possible to target cruisers with hoppers in the late summer as well. The lake fishes well all summer, and in the fall the Brookies don magnificent colors as they prepare to spawn. These Brook Trout are determined fighters and great sport on a fly rod.

Lower Flagstaff is much smaller and we typically choose to fish it on foot. While blind casting is very productive on the upper lake, we generally like to employ more of a spot and stalk approach on the lower lake. These browns are a little more cautious than their brethren upstream, but will not hesitate to intercept a well placed dry or nymph.