Beaverhead River (private access)

When most folks talk about the world famous Beaverhead River, they are referring to the upper stretch of the river just below Clark Canyon dam. This stretch of river fishes very well, but is prone to crowding. This crowding drops off dramatically as you move downstream, as boat ramps are few and far between and the river is locked up in large private ranches. Montana Angler has access to this lower, uncrowded stretch of the Beaverhead.

The lower Beaverhead retains many of the characteristics that make the upper river so famous. It is a small, meandering river full of big Browns and Rainbows. The lower Beaverhead is actually smaller than the upper river due to irrigation demands upstream, making this an ideal wade fishery. Like the lower Ruby, the lower Beaverhead fishes best in spring, early summer, and fall.  The nymph fishing is always outstanding on the Beaverhead with classic tailwater patterns like San Juan worms, pheasant tails, sowbugs, and midges. The best time for dry fly fishing is in early summer when the Beaverhead sees a strong hatch of pale morning duns, caddis, and yellow sallies.