Smith Creek

Smith Creek is a tributary of the East Gallatin River and in many ways fishes just like a miniature version of the larger river. Montana Angler has exclusive access to several miles of Smith Creek, which is conveniently located very close to Bozeman. The stream lies in the heart of the Gallatin Valley with sweeping views of four different mountain ranges.

Smith Creek is a small meadow stream holding a good population of Brown and Rainbow Trout. It is a quality dry fly stream, with hatches of Pale Morning Dun's in early summer, Trico's in late summer, and Blue Winged Olive's in the fall. There is also some terrestrial fishing available in the summer with hoppers and ants. There are some larger, deeper pools and buckets along the stream as well that allow for some productive nymph fishing. There are two other fisheries on the same property to enjoy while visiting Smith Creek.