Mill Creek

Mill Creek is a small tributary to the Ruby River outside of Twin Bridges, MT. It is heavily spring influenced, so it is a sort of hybrid between a spring creek and a freestone meadow stream. Mill Creek is a Brown Trout fishery, and the fish grow quite large for such a small stream. Fish from 12-15" are common and they range up to 18" and beyond. The stream has intermittently brushy banks surrounded by open ranch land and wetlands.

The main attraction on Mill Creek is the terrestrial fishing during the summertime. In the mornings we will start with a dry-dropper rig and target the slower, deeper pools. As the day warms up, the hopper fishing really turns on and there are miles of pools, riffles, and runs to explore. The trout seemingly appear out of nowhere in the crystal clear water as they move to eat your fly. Site fishing is often possible in the choppy riffles as the fish move into shallow water to feed.