Montana Fly Fishing Lakes

Montana fly fishing is synonomous with large rivers and mountain streams, but it is also home to some of the best stillwater fishing in the world. What makes our lakes so terrific is the callibaetis hatch. The callibaetis mayfly hatches throughout the summer produce awesome site fishing to very large trout. When the hatch gets really thick, the trout go into such a feeding frenzy that the swim around just below the surface "gulping" mayflies by the dozens.

Ennis Lake

  • Madison Valley
Ennis Lake is a medium sized reservoir that separates the Upper and Lower Madison Rivers. The majority of the fishing on Ennis Lake is sight fishing to large cruising browns and rainbows. We either fish directly from the drift boat or get out and wade on some of the flats. Occasionally we split a day with the morning spent casting to rising trout on Ennis Lake and the afternoon spent fly fishing the Madison River.

Harrison Lake

  • trout fishing harrison lake
Harrison Lake is a medium sized reservoir that is located about 30 minutes from both Bozeman and Ennis. Harrison is a favorite of several of our seasoned fly fishing guides due to its unique strain of hard fighting rainbow trout. "Harrison lake" rainbows are large and scrappy. The average trout in the lake is between 16 and 19" with larger fish common. These are heavy trout that put a serious bend in the rod when the make their reel scorching runs.

Hebgen Lake

  • montana fly fishing
Hebgen lake is a large impoundment of the Madison River that is located about 15 minutes from the town of West Yellowstone. The fly fishing for trophy trout on Hebgen is legendary and draws dry fly fisherman from far and wide hoping to catch an epic day chasing cruising brown and rainbow trout.