Cedar Lodge

The crystal clear back country rivers of the South Island of New Zealand are famous for exceptional sight fishing opportunities to large wild trout.  Cedar Lodge offers anglers unique helicopter fly out access on a daily basis to remote fisheries in the permitted Mount Aspiring National Park. Each day anglers will fly to a new fishery with their guide to test their metal against big browns and rainbows. The experienced NZ guides carefully pick the water apart visually until they locate a well camouflaged trout. A plan is made for the target quarry and anglers attempt a delicate cast. Angler's can expect daily opportunities at large 3-6 pound fish. This is one of the few lodges in New Zealand that includes fly out fishing as part of the standard package (weather permitting) every day.

The lodge itself is position with dramatic views of the South Island mountains. With only 8 guests the lodge staff can focus on delivering exceptional service and incredible farm to table meals that focus on local meats, produce and sea food. The small guest count also ensures that the fisheries visited are lightly fished and well rested. The lodge has very high rate of return guests and anglers should plan to book very far in advance to secure a date. Legendary anglers such as Lefty Krey, Mel Krieger, Ernest Schweibert, Doug Swisher and Dave Whitlock have all made pilgrimages to this world class lodge.

 2017 Cedar Lodge trip report


8 nights 7 days US $9995
7 nights 6 days US $8995
6 nights 5 days US $7995
5 nights 4 days US $6995
4 nights 3 days US $5995
*contact us for single angler rates

Included: double occupancy accommodations, meals, liquor, guide service, daily helicopter fly-out (weather permitting), all flies and leaders, use of loaner rods if needed

Excluded: gratuities, transfer to the lodge (airport transfers can be arranged at added cost)



The streams, streams and lakes of the South Island of New Zealand are famous for their large brown and rainbow trout. Guests will enjoy daily helicopter fly outs (weather permitting) into the back country fisheries. The lodge has a concession for Mt. Aspiring National Park which allows them to target lightly fished waters in remote areas. South Island waters produce some very large wild trout and guests can expect consistent shots at 3-6 pound fish and an outside chance of a rare 10 pounder. Overall numbers of trout are lower than many US rivers and spot and stalk tactics are the prepared method of fishing. 

The lodge's fly fishing guides are highly experienced and adept at spotting large trout in gin clear waters. New Zealand trout are spooky and reasonably long casts between 25-45 feet are often needed while casting a long leader. These trout do not see a lot of pressure and will readily eat basic dry fly and nymph patterns as long as they are presented correctly. The guides will often plan the geometry of your cast to ensure the first cast has a high chance of delivering the correct presentation. 

New Zealand fishing is about quality vs. quantity. We recommend that are guests have at least moderate experience casting a fly rod to fully enjoy a trip to the South Island. Although there are a large number of different fisheries to visit with miles upon miles of lightly fished remote waters, most fisheries require a careful approach and proper presentation. Quite simply New Zealand is the best location in the world for sight casting to large wild trout in clear waters.



Cedar Lodge lies along the banks of the Madorora River in close proximity to the magnificent Mount Aspiring National Park. The lodge specializes in a world class fishing experience and only hosts 8 anglers at a time. There are four well appointed guest rooms, each with two twin beds. Guests generally fly to remote fishing locations in Mount Aspiring National Park each day but there are also high quality fisheries accessible by a short drive if flying conditions are not adequate. The lodge offers modern conveniences including WIFI (there is not cell service at the lodge due to the remote location).


Guests at Cedar Lodge can expect a fresh gourmet experience when off the water. The lodge chefs work hard to incorporate fresh produce and local meats and seafood. Each dinner is accompanied by award winning New Zealand wines.