Intricate Bay Lodge

There is a lot to like about this fly fishing only lodge in the heart of Alaska's legendary Bristol Bay region.  The lodge caters to fly fishing anglers and limits the guest count to 10 per week which creates an intimate atmosphere at the lodge while allowing for unsurpassed fishing flexibility.  The lodge has an incredible location and is just a short float plane ride away from many of Alaska's most productive wild trout and salmon waters including the Copper, Kvichak, Moraine, Gibraltar, Battle, Newhalen and more. This allows the lodge to offer a traditional fly out package where guests fly to a different fishery each day with the added security of knowing that you won't be grounded if the weather keeps the planes grounded (generally only occurs a few days all season).  The lodge guides are permitted to fish the rivers of Katmai National Park as well which is a short flight away. When silver salmon are running guests may also make a flight to the coast where the lodge keeps a jet boat on sight to fish a productive coastal river for dime bright salmon fresh from the salt. The rivers that feed Lake Iliamna are also home to all 5 species of Pacific Salmon which means anglers can have a rich and diversified fly fishing experience sampling multiple rivers and targeting multiple fish species all in one week. The drainage is famous for the world's largest salmon run with millions of sockeyes flooding the lake's tributaries every season. Although salmon are targeted at times it is the massive rainbow trout that are the primary target. 

The Bristol Bay region is home to some of the largest rainbow trout in the world with trout over 26" caught regularly by lodge guests and true 30" trout occasionally landed by a few lucky anglers.  The huge run of sockeye salmon is a massive source of nutrition to the wild trout. The salmon deposit millions of millions of calorie rich eggs which fuel high growth rates of the trout that eat them. The average size of the resident rainbows is generally between 17-22" in the local rivers but huge lake run fish that are often 26" and larger also run into the rivers for the feeding Bonanza. Lake Iliamna is the largest freshwater lake in the US outside of the great lakes and is a big trout factory. Intricate Bay Lodge is the closest fly out lodge to the Copper River which is arguably Alaska's most productive wild rainbow trout river. The lodge can access the copper both by float plane in its remote upper reaches as well as by jet boat. The option to jet boat to the Lower Copper or take a lake boat to the Gibraltar ensures that guests can fish even if a bad storm limits fly out options. The amazing diversity of fishing options ensure guests will always find fish and can expect to enjoy large trophy trout rivers and intimate wade fishing streams all in one trip.

Back at the lodge guests will enjoy one of the finest lodges in the back country of Alaska. Bedrooms are large and comfortable and the lodge has a state of the art power and hot water system. The main lodge area has a huge open living area with vaulted ceilings and windows overlooking Intricate Bay. A bar near the fireplace is often the gathering area after fishing to enjoy sharing tales of the day's fishing. The massive deck outside overlooks the calm crystal clear waters of Intricate Bay. 

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Rates are based on 6 nights at the lodge:
$8500 Per person Fly Out package (5 days fly out fishing and 1 day of local fishing via jet or lake boat from the lodge)

$7000 Per person combo package (3 days of fly out fishing and 2.5 days of local fishing)

* call for pricing for float camping options which can be customized as an extension of a week or as a separate trip

All meals, guide service, transportation to and from fishing grounds.  We welcome you to bring personal fishing gear rods and reels but we also have quality equipment on site. Complimentary beer is on tap in the lodge bar.

Not Included:
Please, note that packages do not include transportation to Lake Iliamna from Anchorage, liquor, King Salmon stamps (if appropriate), fishing license, or gratuities. Guests may bring their own favorite liquors or wines (purchase in Anchorage before arriving) - a bar with complimentary beer on tap is available at the lodge.


Intricate Bay Lodge is nestled in the prime location on Bristol Bay. Most lodges in the region require daily fly-out because they are not situated near good local fishing.  When the weather turns, this can be a serious drawback. By contrast, the home waters of Intricate Bay Lodge include two world-class rivers: the Copper and the Gibraltar.

You get the best of both worlds; not only is the fishing excellent nearby, but the location is also very close to many “fly-out” rivers, and that means shorter flights. We can land you on the rivers and streams of Katmai National Park including the Moraine, Funnel, Battle, American rivers, also Kvichak River, New Halen River and Talarik River.  Of course, the Copper and Gibraltar are the most famous, especially when targeting big rainbow trout, but we believe our guests should have the chance to see and experience the tremendous fishing diversity of the entire Bristol Bay / Lake Iliamna area; consequently, we frequently make trips to target species like rainbow trout, arctic char, grayling, lake trout, pike, and Pacific salmon.


– Early season conditions can vary depending upon the size of the previous winter. A heavy snow pack produces high water, while a light one means low, clear conditions. Either way, this is a great time to target rainbows in the Illiamna region. Coming out of their winter dormancy and spawning period, the rainbows are anxious to fill their empty bellies.  A favorite style of fishing this time of year is sight-fishing for large trout, using dry flies and mouse patterns.


Salmon fishing alaska fly out lodge -July

– Early July produces epic days of dry fly fishing.  Historically, by the second week of July, the largest sockeye salmon runs found anywhere in the world occur in this region. The sockeye – rated by many anglers as the strongest salmon pound for pound – will make for countless fish-fighting memories. Nymphs and streamers can be productive during July, with many of the larger fish taken on bugger and sculpin patterns.


Rainbow Trout Fishing in Alaska Bristol Bay - September

– Rainbow feeding frenzy begins! Sockeye salmon start to spawn, leaving a scent in the water that ignites voracious rainbow trout. As the spawning accelerates throughout the month, more and more food invites brutish, big-shouldered rainbows from Lake Illiamna to stack up in the rivers, presenting anglers with the best chance of the year for a true trophy. As if that weren’t enough line-ripping excitement, this is also silver salmon time, with the run beginning in early August and finishing in September.


Alaska Fishing Lodges

– Probably the best month in all of Alaska to really go after trophy trout. While the weather can be challenging, this is when the largest numbers of big lake rainbows come into area rivers. The fish know this is their last chance to pack on weight for the long winter ahead. The rainbows are still extremely aggressive toward salmon eggs and will chase a flesh fly with reckless abandon. In fact, they are willing to gorge themselves on just about anything you pass in front of them.


Think back to your favorite childhood memory…hot chocolate on a cold day, marshmallows around the campfire. That’s the feeling you get at Intricate Bay Lodge. There are other lodges scattered throughout the Bristol Bay area, but none that offer the intimate, personal, and quality experience found at Intricate Bay Lodge.

Intricate Bay Lodge is a small, personable operation with four private double occupancy guest rooms. Cup your hands around a big mug of fragrant coffee, kick back in a comfortable chair while the fireplace and the conversation warm the room. Then close your eyes, and try to decide whether you’re staying at an old friend’s log cabin retreat or a professional fishing operation. At the lodge, it’s hard to tell the difference.

You will experience unrivaled personal service and attention, along with all the amenities you’d expect in a fine hotel: wireless internet, satellite TV and spacious bedrooms with wall-to-wall carpeting and private baths. Singles can have a private room, while couples can get a room with attached bath. Despite its remote location (after all, we’re here for the fish), the lodge has 24-hour electricity, courtesy of an eco-friendly inverter system that reduces generator use.


On the deck, share fishing stories that, for once, require no embellishment. Marvel at the magnificent view of the sun setting over Lake Iliamna while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Weekly barbecues are held on the deck, with propane heaters to keep you cozy.

Move to the dining room and savor a delicious meal prepared to perfection by the full time, professional chef. When you’re finished, tie a few flies on the well-equipped bench, locate tomorrow’s secret spot on the big wall map or retire to the spacious common room, sink into a comfortable chair and swap stories with friends new and old. Camaraderie, comfort, great food, quiet beauty and the anticipation of a new adventure tomorrow…that’s Intricate Bay Lodge.


Fly into Anchorage:
Alaska is well served by a number of airlines including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines. Flight times vary, but non stop flights to Anchorage run from over 3 hours from Seattle to over 5 hours from the Chicago or Minneapolis. For schedules please visit the individual airlines websites. Anchorage is often called the “air crossroads of the world” due to its strategic location between major population centers in North America, Europe and Asia. So we are accessible to fishermen world wide.

Fly from Anchorage to Iliamna:
Alaska is well served by a number of airlines including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines. Flight times vary, but non stop flights to Anchorage run from over 3 hours from Seattle to over 5 hours from the Chicago or Minneapolis. For schedules please visit the individual airlines websites. Anchorage is often called the “air crossroads of the world” due to its strategic location between major population centers in North America, Europe and Asia. So we are accessible to fishermen world wide.

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