Custom Overnight Fly Fishing and Camping Trips

There is no better way to appreciate the grandeur of legendary Montana fly fishing rivers like the Yellowstone, Boulder, Jefferson and Madison than to enjoy an overnight river camping trip. Montana Angler Fly Fishing uses a combination of float in camps and 4 wheel drive camps on private ranches to offer the finest deluxe camping trips in Southwest Montana. 

A crew of personable and highly trained guides specialized in overnight trips will show you how to camp and fish like you have never dreamed possible. Our camp staff will take care of all of the cooking and break down camp while you relax and enjoy fishing on our legendary rivers. Each evening after fishing you can enjoy camping at its finest with great meals, beverages and company. Wake up to the smell of hot coffee and the sound of a sizzling breakfast. Trips length is flexible and can last for 1-5 nights.

The Camping
Campsites are located along the river, they are not developed sites that are accessed by the public. We float the entire camp down the river on gear rafts or jeep them into private ranches that we lease. We provide all equipment needed for a world class camp including tents, heavy duty sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, tarps, toilets, grills, lanterns, coolers, etc. 

The Food
Unless you or your spouse has a culinary degree from CIA, we'll bet you eat better on the river than you do at home. Dinners include appetizers, fresh salads, tasty sides and main entrees such as grilled salmon, rib eye steaks and rack of lamb. Delicious Dutch oven prepared deserts await those that still have room. A generous bar is set up each evening for your enjoyment. Hot breakfasts include favorites such as French toast, omelettes and more. Don't be surprised if we pull over for lunch and fire up the grill!

The Fishing
Montana is home to some of the worlds most productive trout rivers. Our customized overnight river camping trips allows us to combine both floating and wading while maximizing time on the water. Camping along these legendary rivers gives you the luxury of wade fishing over the evening rise as the sun sets over the spectacular backdrop. We have an extensive network of camp sites on multiple rivers. Some camps are on float in only river islands and others are accessed by 4 wheel drive on private ranches. After experiencing a few days camping on the river, we think that you'll understand why our guests rave about these Montana fly fishing trips.

What is included?
Everything but your fishing license. We'll take care of flies, camping gear, food, and even fly rods if needed. We can also help arrange hotel rooms for your arrival and departure nights as part of a package. 

2-5 day trips available. 
$560 per day per person, with 4 or more people. 
$100 additional per person per day fee if group is less than 4 anglers or for a single angler (for example if there are odd numbers on group).