Nelson Spring Creek

Nelson spring creek is on the opposite side of the Yellowstone River from its sister Montana spring creeks: Armstrong and DePuy. Nelson's is the smallest of the spring creeks and arguably the most technical. The creek has more flat water and glides than the other creeks and also less volume. Only 8 anglers are permitted on the creek per day (vs. 12 and 16 at Depuys and Armstrongs). Many local spring creek enthusiasts consider Nelson's their favorite spring creek.

Nelson spring creek is open to fishing year round and like the other creeks in the valley it is a great option for the colder months. The water temperature of spring creeks is moderated since the source of the water comes from underground springs. Water temperatures when the creek exits the springs is near 50 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The ideal water temperatures results in rapid growth, abundant insects and regular feeding year round.

The technical nature of the subtle currents on Nelson's combined with a steady sequence of aquatic hatches from March to October are enough to attract fly fisherman from far and wide. Fishing on Nelson's is the ultimate chess match and it is not uncommon for a skilled angler to spend 10 or 15 minutes planning an approach to a trout, followed by several more minutes carefully wading into position. Often a feeding trout does not take the first fly that is presented so there may be a series of flies presented to the trout (if it hasn't spooked) in an attempt to get a hook up. The process of casting to a single feeding fish can easily occupy the better part of a half an hour. Fly fishing on Nelson's rarely produces a large number of trout at the end of the day but is always results in stimulating and engaging fly fishing that many top anglers consider the apex of their Montana fly fishing trip!

Rod fees:
April 1-May 31 - $80.00
June 1-June 14 - $100.00
June 15-July 31 - $120.00
August 1-August 31 - $100.00
Sept 1-October 31 - $80.00
November 1-March 31 - $40.00