Armstrong Spring Creek

Armstrong spring creek is one of the triad of legendary Montana spring creeks near Livingston. Located in the heart of Paradise Valley, the scenery located along the spring creek is some of the best in the state. Armstrong originates from a series of underground springs on the O'hair ranch. The portion of the creek on the O'hair ranch is filled with riffles, pockets and runs. The large amount of faster water is often a bonus when fishing a spring creek since the trout have a bit less time to inspect our flies. Spring creek fly fishing is always very technical an any advantage that we can gain is welcome. 

Fishing on Armstrong is good all year round. The creek is an insect factory and produces an ample supply of mayflies, midges, caddis flies and freshwater crustaceans. Water temperatures are cool in the summer and warm in the winter do to the springs. The water temperatures encourage fish to feed throughout the winter season making Armstrong a great destination in the colder months.

Hatches are robust and prolific on the spring creeks and Armstrong is no exception. Dry fly fishing begins in earnest in March when late morning midge hatches frequently bring trout to the surface. As spring progressed the blue winged olive hatch takes precedent. Cloudy days are especially explosive and the hatch brings nearly every trout in the creek to the surface. Pale morning duns and caddis become dominant food sources in the early summer. In the late summer and fall terrestrials become important and eventually the fall baetis starts again around mid September. 

Rod fees: 
April 15 - June 14 - $80/day per rod
June 15 - July 31 - $120/day per rod
August 1 - September 14 - $100/day per rod
September 15 - October 14 - $80/day per rod
October 15 - April 14 - $40/day per rod