Story Spring Creek

Story Spring Creek is a small, spring fed tributary to East Gallatin River located in the heart of the Gallatin Valley.  Views from the creek are spectacular with mountain views of the Bridgers, Madison Range, Hyalite Peaks, Horseshoe Hills, and Tobaco Roots in every direction.  Trout over 20" prowl the depths of its large bend holes and hatches can be prolific in the spring and summer.

Story becomes very weedy late in the summer, so it is best to fish here from late May to early July, and again in late September and October after the weeds subside.  The best dry fly fishing will be during the Pale Morning Dun hatch that begins in mid June and lasts for several weeks.  There is also a chance for Blue Winged Olive hatches early and late in the season.  During non-hatch time, nymphing the deeper, faster water is very productive.  Spring creek staples like Zebra Midges, Thread Midges, and various scud and sowbug patterns are very effective.