Jurassic Lake Lodge

Experience the best fishing in the world for huge rainbow trout at Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake), the Barrancoso river and Moro Creek. Lago Strobel is a prolific trout factory that regularly produces trout over 20lbs. The lake has an amble food base of scuds and minnows allowing trout to grow quickly. 10lb trout in Lago Strobel are simply "average fish" and you can expect to catch numerous trout in the high teens and have an excellent shot at 20+ pound monsters. Jurassic Lake rainbows are not only big but they are incredibly strong and acrobatic. These massive rocket-ships will quickly take you into your backing while tail walking across the lake. Jurassic Lake Lodge was the first lodge on Lago Strobel and is the only program with access to the mouth of the Barrancoso River where trout congregate. In addition to fishing in the lake the lodge has exclusive access to 95% of the Barrancoso River where anglers can target the same giant trout found in the lake in the beginning months of the season. For added variety anglers can also target Moro Creek and several smaller lakes in the region. The lodge is located close to the river mouth allowing anglers incredible access to the best fishing. 

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7 night/6 day fishing program $7250/person (add $700 for single room)

3 nights/2 days fishing (first half of week): $3900 (add $300 for single room)

4 nights/3 days fishing (2nd half of week): $4800 (add $400 for single room)

Accommodations and meals at the lodge, wine/beer/alcohol, guided fishing, ground transfer from El Calafate and fishing license.

International and domestic airfare, hotels/meals/transfers in Buenos Aires, fishing equipment, laundry and staff and guide gratuities.


The fishing out of Jurassic Lake Lodge provides anglers an exclusive opportunity to target massive wild rainbow trout. The lodges unique location and unprecedented access to the best sections of the lake and the Barrancoso river means that you will maximize your fishing time on the best waters. All fishing at Lago Strobel is done by wading.

Lago Strobel
No other freshwater system in the world compares to the amazing productivity of Lago Strobel. This large 62 square kilometer lake is filled with scuds and small minnows that provide the ulimate food source for growing massive rainbow trout. The wild rainbows in "Jurassic Lake" average an amazing 10 pounds. You can expect to hook multiple fish in the teens and have a very good chance of hooking and landing a true monster over 20lbs. These are strong wild trout that will impress you like no other with blistering runs and tail walking jumps. The lake is crystal clear and often offers sight casting opportunities for big cruising trout. The lodge also has exclusive access tot he mouth of the Barrancoso River where big trout often congregate.

Barrancosa River
The Rio Barrancoso is the only tributary of Lago Strobel. The river offers anglers a unique challenge of sight casting to massive trout in river setting. The lodge has exclusive access to 95% of the river from its headwaters to its mouth where it enters Lago Strobel. Anglers can experiment with dry fly fishing, Czech nymphing and streamer fishing.

Moro Creek and lagunas
Moro Creek offers anglers another option for more variety with 10 miles of river and interconnected lagunas that provide ample shots at 4-6 lb. trout. 

Sample Fishing Itinerary
Day 1: Barrancoso Low section - Mouth
Day 2: Cochinos bay - Silver bay
Day 3: Barrancos mid Section - Bahia Grande
Day 4: Barrancoso Upper section full day
Day 5: Moro Creek - Cochinos Bay
Day 6: Mouth - Barrancoso Low section



Jurassic Lake Lodge enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of Strobel Lake and Barrancoso River. The fishing program dates back to 2006 when it was started as a remote outpost camp. In 2014 a complete lodge was constructed. The new lodge accommodates up to 10 guests in ten single or double rooms, each with a private entrance, private bath, hot shower and heaters. A separate building, attached by covered walkways accommodates the spacious living room, bar, and dining room areas. There is satellite TV, satellite phone, wireless internet access and 24 hours electricity.

Carefully prepared meals are presented by the lodge’s dedicated chef. Guests can expect outstanding cuisine that highlights traditional Argentinian fair. The Lodge also comes with a private cellar with a variety of great Argentinian wines as well as a fantastic whisky bar with a wide and varied selection of whiskies, both single malts and blends, predominantly from Scotland. Between Macallan, Cardhu and other classics, Included in this selection is the exclusive GORDON & MACPHAIL Cask Collection. The Family Casks are a unique collection of 22 single cask whiskies from 8 to 24 years old.


The lodge has recently included a charter flight as part of the package for guests on the full week program. The direct flight departs from the coastal city of Comodoro Rivadavia which is a 2 hour jet flight from Buenos Aires. We recommend that guests fly to Comodoro Rivadavia the day before arriving at the lodge. For guests that opt for a half week the return will be out of Calafate which is a 7 hour drive on dirt roads.

Sample Itinerary (note we often blend itineraries between multiple lodges, ask us about a combo trip that works in lodges further north with Jurrasic Lake!):

Thursday / Day 1: Depart US or home country on overnight flight

Friday / Day 2: Arrive Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE - Pistarini):

You will need to clear customs and transfer to the J. Newbury Domestic Airport (AEP) to make your connecting flight to Comodoro Rivadavia. Please give yourself at least 4 hours for this transfer.

​Depart Buenos Aires Domestic Airport (AEP – J. Newbery): TBD

Note: Currently the best flight to book from Buenos Aires to Comodoro Rivadavia is the following: AA flight #1840 at 3:40PM. Please be advised that flight schedules are subject to change.

Arrive Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD): TBD

A representative from Jurassic Lake Lodge will greet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Overnight at your elected accommodations in Comodoro Rivadavia (independently arranged and not included). Please see below for hotel recommendations.

Saturday / Day 3: A representative from Jurassic Lake Lodge will meet you at your hotel and transfer you to the airport for the special charter flight to the Jurassic Lake an hour before the charter flight departure time.

Depart Comodoro Rivadavia - Arrive Jurassic Lake

Departure time is usually around 8 AM but this may change according to the weather

Upon arrival at the lodge you can get settled in and then head out for a full day of fishing.

Sunday - Friday / Day 4 -9: Six full days of guided fishing.

Saturday / Day 10: After breakfast you will depart on the charter flight back to Comodoro Rivadavia.

Depart Jurassic Lake: Approx. 10:30AM Arrive Comodoro Rivadavia: Approx. 11:45AM

Depart Comodoro Rivadavia: TBD

Arrive Buenos Aires (AEP - J Newbery): TBD

You will need to transfer from the domestic airport (AEP - J. Newbury) to the international airport (EZE – Pistarini) to catch your flight home. Please give yourself at least 4 hours for this transfer.

Depart Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE - Pistarini)

Sunday/ Day 11: arrive home after overnight flight