Hosted Peacock Bass Trip December 2020 - Agua Boa Lodge

Join Montana Angler for a return trip to Agua Boa Lodge in Brazil for a Holiday Week special. Angler's will save nearly $2000 off of normal rates under prime conditions. The lodge is located deep in in one of the Amazon's last remaining tracts of uncut and uninhabited rainforest. We will be targeting 5 species of peacock bass along with numerous other exotic game fish such as arowana, pacu and aripaima. Agua Boa was selected as one of the top 10 fishing lodges in the world by Forbes Magazine and has exclusive permits to fish a pristine clear water river system resulting in unparalleled site casting opportunities. We have enjoyed great fishing at Agua Boa on several recent hosted trips. This is truly an adventure that will impress all!

Agua Boa is also one of the only true "lodges" in the Amazon with a fishing focus, most of the other programs operate out of cramped boats. Our guests will enjoy large individual bungalows that each have a large porch, hammock and sitting area outside.  Inside each bungalow has two double beds, a reading area, private bath, mini bar and table. This is a very difficult program to get into during prime dates due to the high rate of return clients at the lodge.

Week of December 26th 2020

Trip Price $4550 per person


December 25th (Friday) - fly to Manaus, Brazil (arrive late evening)
December 26th (Saturday) - lodge charter to Agua Boa in the morning (included in price) - afternoon half day fishing
December 27th-January 1 (Sunday-Friday) - 6 days guided fishing on different beats
January 2 (Saturday) - charter back to Manaus - international flight to Miami in evening
January 3 (Sunday) - arrive home

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