Mongolian Taimen Hosted Trip - September 2022

Join Montana Angler for a hosted trip to the Sweetwater Mongolian Taimen Camps. Mongolia offers anglers a wild frontier and the opportunity to catch the world's largest trout like salmonid, the mighty Taimen, on a fly rod. Established in 1995 the Sweetwater Taimen camps are longest running fly fishing program in Mongolia. Over the the last 25 yrs the Taimen camps have dialed in a program that is unmatched any where else in the word and they hold just about every fly rod world record. Anglers at the Taimen Camps consistently catch fish over 50 inches and there has been one fish measured at over 60 inches. In addition to the massive Taimen, anglers also have plenty of opportunities to pursue the Asian Trout (Lenok) that grow in excess of 28 inches and eagerly gorge on aquatic insect hatches each afternoon.  

Our 2021 trip dates coincide with the prime fall season and opportunities for some of the largest Taimen in the world. In addition to fishing, guests can also enjoy upland bird hunting options if they choose. On top of fishing and hunting, guests can also experience the landscape and culture with horseback riding, hunting, or visiting local temples. 

Located on the Eg-Uur watershed anglers get to experience a pristine environment untouched by the modern world. Anglers will stay in traditional gers, felt tents wrapped around a collapsible wooden frames. These gers are 9ft by 18ft equipped with full frame single beds, plenty of gear storage, and a sitting area. Each ger accommodates 2 anglers. Both camps have a dining lodge overlooking the river, bathhouse, shower facility and equipped with 110 and 120 volt electricity.

This program has two camps strategically set up to enable fisherman to access over 120 combined miles of river by boat. These are isolated wilderness camps giving anglers an experience of a lifetime. With the chance to catch the largest trout like salmonid, the Taimen, as well as Asian Trout, Mongolia provides a very unique fly fishing experience unparalleled anywhere else.  


September 9: Depart home (Friday) - overnight flight; losing a day when crossing international date line
September 10: flying (crossing the international date line while on the overnight flight essentially deletes this day!)
September 11: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, ULN, (Sunday). Here you will be met by a representative from the outfitter’s Mongolian travel partner and be taken to your hotel. That evening you will have the opportunity to see a traditional Mongolian performance, which is highly recommended.
September 12: (Monday) Breakfast at the Hotel. Fly to camp (approximately 3 hours) on helicopter charter. Fish for half a  day.
September 13-18: (Tuesday - Sunday) Six full days of fishing.
September 19: (Monday) Pack and fly back to Ulaanbaatar - catch evening flight
September 20 - (Tuesday) arrive US

Trip Price: $6750 plus $450 fishing license