Battle Creek

Battle Creek is a very small stream located west of Ringling and is a tributary of Sixteen Mile Creek. It is located on a very large and remote ranch on the northern tip of the Bridger Mountains and southern edge of the Big Belt Mountains. Battle Creek meanders through a few small open valleys interrupted by short but tight canyons. Wading is easy as most of the area is open, flat meadows with the creek twisting and turning it's way downstream. With multiple accesses to drive in as well as some short walks in we can access the stream along it's entire length.

The fishing is primarily all dry fly fishing with general attractors and terrestrials ruling the day. Well placed casts along the undercut banks or in the deep holes will yield a day of plentiful fish. If things align you can expect upwards of 30 or more fish to be caught and plenty more to have hit your fly and gotten away. Rainbows and Brook Trout in the 10"-12" are the majority of the catch with some larger fish caught on occasion. Battle Creek fishes best from early summer through fall when aquatic bugs are hatching or the terrestrials are out in numbers.