Sixteen Mile Creek

Sixteen Mile Creek is the quintessential meaning of private access small stream fly fishing in Montana. Located on the very remote private working ranch, it encompasses many miles of "upper" Sixteen Mile Creek. Sixteen Mile is steeped in history with the original Montana Railroad running along it's banks and through its canyons. Although the ranch is very remote we are able to access the creek easily once on property via the abandoned railroad grade. This allows us the ability to drive and access the entire stretch within steps of the truck so jumping from hole to hole is easy. Fish numbers are incredibly high for such a small stream. A majority of the fish are smaller brook trout or rainbows, but large 18" plus browns are caught regularly. These large browns are the trophies of the day while the Brookies provide the action!

The vast majority of the fishing is done with dry flies. Depending on the time of year active hatches of aquatic bugs can be fished over to rising trout or probing the likeliest banks and holes with terrestrials to provoke an explosive take. Early season prior to runoff and during runoff can be very good as the fish are waking up from their winter nap and a fresh push of water raises the level to provide more holding water. This upper portion of Sixteen Mile rarely gets "blown out" from runoff, it will rise in level no doubt but is always of fishable clarity. Throughout the remainder of the summer and fall water levels will decrease and dry fly fishing remains the norm. Even during low water the deep holes and undercut banks provide ample habitat for the many resident fish.

The ranch encompasses both Sixteen Mile Creek and Battle Creek, along with a few smaller feeder streams and beaver ponds so we can bounce around fishing a variety of waters of which many areas will only see one or two anglers per season. Unparalleled scenery and remoteness paired with great small stream fishing make any day an adventure at Sixteen Mile Creek.