Twitching Hoppers

Hopper Fishing

There is something absolutely addictive about hopper fishing in Montana.  Watching big fish large flies is the apex of fly fishing.  Once mid July comes around everyone becomes hopper crazy and begins throwing countless foam hoppers on our local rivers.  By mid august fish have seen a lot of hoppers!  One strategy that consistently brings in fish during the late hopper season is to add some action to our hoppers.  This technique is especially effective on calm glides.  We like to telegraph a small hop in the line while stripping to make our hoppers twitch periodically.  Ideally the hopper should just barely move then dead drift in between twitches.  The twitch we use is very similar to a small mend (and sometimes is).  It is important to strip a bit of line in as you twitch to retrieve the slack that is generated so that you are prepared when a fish strikes.  Twitching hoppers often converts nibbles on the rubber legs into full fledged bull rush takes!

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