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Skating Caddis for Montana Trout

Skating Caddis for Montana Trout
When we are first learning to fly fish the concept of the dead drift is constantly reinforced. It almost seems as if beginners are taught that trout won’t eat a fly unless it has zero drag on it and it’s drifting along perfectly with the current. Fortunately, not all insects just “dead drifting”...Read more

The Best Dry Fly Fishing in Montana Part 2: Where to Fish

best dry fishing fishing pt 2
The Salmonfly! If you ask most avid fly fisherman to recount some of their most memorable days on the water, many will tell tales of dry fly loving trout on their favorite waters. Watching a wild trout suck down a dainty mayfly spinner is exciting. Keeping your cool when a monster brown crushes...Read more

The Best Montana Dry Fly Fishing Part 1: Best Times of Year

Montana Dry Fly Fishing
Cruising the Suface One of our most frequently asked questions by seasoned anglers planning Montana fishing trips is “when and where is the best dry fly fishing?”. As with most fishing related questions the first answer is “it depends”! The biggest attribute of fishing in the Big Sky state is the...Read more