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Fly Fishing Montana in May

May in Big Sky Country is a magical month. The trees are full of buds, the grass is green, the mountains are still white, and the fish are feeding. May marks a season of change in Montana. Spring and summer both readily characterize the weather observed in May, with sunshine, snow, rain, wind and...Read more

Hairwing Flies for Summer and Fall Steelhead

Hairwing Flies for Summer and Fall Steelhead
Many of our guides at Montana Angler enjoy chasing steelhead in the fall. Trips to the Pacific Northwest are priorities on some of our calendars, time chasing these elusive anadromous fish can be highly addictive! A fun aspect of being a steelhead angler is spending time tying flies for fish that...Read more

How to Choose the Best Montana Fly Fishing Lodge

Montana fishing lodges provide excellent food and high quality fly fishing for trout.
The quality of your fishing experience on your valuable vacation time on a trip to Montana is usually the top priority for most our guests but a close second is the quality of the lodging. Fishing lodges offer a great environment that helps to extend the vacation feel beyond your time on the water...Read more

Montana Fly Fishing Equipment Wish List

Montana Fly Fishing Equipment
Gear for the coming season! I find myself doing a lot of day dreaming about fishing equipment over the holidays. My wife is from Nebraska and I usually end up with a Cabela's gift card or two and contemplating what new gear I "need" is just a normal part of 'tis the season. With a trip to Argentina...Read more