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May Fly Fishing: Montana's Mother's Day Caddis Hatch

Mothers Day Caddis Hatch
The annual Mother’s Day Caddis hatch is one of the most anticipated events here in Southwest Montana. While it may not be quite as famous as the Salmon Fly hatch, the fishing can be every bit as good, if not even better. The sheer number of bugs that take to the air during the peak of the hatch is...Read more

5 Tips for Twitching Hoppers

Hopper Fishing
Many of Montana’s most famous trout rivers flow through agricultural valleys flanked by towering mountains. These fertile valleys provide an ideal habitat for large populations of grasshoppers. The bulk of aquatic insect hatches take a pause in mid summer (with a few exceptions like tricos). Once...Read more

Fishing The Salmonfly Hatch in Yellowstone Park

The Salmonfly hatch is one of the most anticipated events of the year
The Salmonfly Hatch is one of the most anticipated events each year here in the northern Rockies. Locals and visiting anglers alike eagerly await the chance to fish dry flies so large that they often draw laughs or skeptical looks from those who have never witnessed the hatch. Yellowstone Park is...Read more

Terrestrial fly fishing in Chile: The Cantaria Beetle

Fly Fishing in Chile: The Cantaria Beetle
Do you like fishing huge dry flies? Chile is the perfect place! The Chilean Cantaria beetle is a unique food source that makes for some incredibly exciting fishing opportunities on our Chilean fishing trips . Most flies that we use to imitate this giant food source tend to be tied on size 1-4 hooks...Read more

5 Tips For Fishing The Salmonfly Hatch On The Madison

Madison River Salmonflys
The annual Salmon Fly hatch on Montana’s Madison River is one of fly fishing’s most storied and anticipated events. Salmon Fly time is hands down your best shot at landing a true trophy trout on a dry fly. The sight of a 3 inch long insect splashing about the surface is enough to draw even the...Read more

How to fish the Salmon fly Hatch (or not)

Montana's salmon fly hatch
The Salmon fly hatch in Montana is one of the world's most legendary fishing spectacles. It ranks near the top with fishing the giant migratory tarpon of the Homosassa flats, site fishing to back country New Zealand trout, Tierra del Fuego sea run browns, the green drake hatch on Penn's Creek and...Read more

Montana Hopper Fishing

Montana Grasshopper Fly Fishing
Late summer in Montana brings some of the most highly anticipated dry fly fishing of the season. Montana's numerous large agricultural valleys filled with alfalfa fields are a haven for the large insects. Although grasshoppers fill the fields in the early summer, trout do not get interested in them...Read more