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A Guide to Fishing Depuy's Spring Creek in April

Guide to Fishing Depuy's Spring Creek in April
Depuy’s bolsters a renowned reputation of heavy hatches and technical trout. While this information is founded upon heaps of first hand accounts, many of them are generated from June on. The state of the creek, available forage, and angling pressure are vastly different than the variables of April...Read more

Spring Creek Fishing Styles

After fishing some of the bigger rivers and catching some “easy” trout there comes a time when it is fun to try something different or a more challenging endeavor. Spring creeks can also make a better angler by focusing on smaller intricacies that might not be noticed on larger rivers, like small...Read more

Tips For Fishing Montana's Small Streams

Fly Fishing Montana's Small Streams
Tips for fly fishing Montana's small streams As the snow flies during the winter months here in Montana it is easy for the mind to wander to warmer days spent exploring the intimate water that we fly anglers hold near and dear to our hearts. Perhaps a sense of exploration pulls us toward fly...Read more

Fly Fishing Montana Spring Creeks in March

March Fly Fishing
As winter begins to wind down the desire to hit our local rivers and streams hits with full force. Water temperatures are still cold and many of the larger rivers are still in their winter time patterns. One of the best options for fishing at this time of the year is to target spring creeks...Read more