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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge 2022 Trip Report

Double digit peacock bass in Brazil
Our recent visit to Agua Boa Lodge in Brazil was nothing short of spectacular. Once the fly fishing travel bug takes hold, the adventuring angler will soon be faced with the difficult choice between exploring new places and returning to special destinations. Despite the vast angling destinations...Read more

Brazilian Amazon Trip Report: Agua Boa Lodge

Bill's Big Peacock Bass in Brazil
It was a clear morning as the Cessna Caravan lifted above the city of Manaus Brazil. Our group was flying two hours over the Amazon jungle to spend a week fishing for peacock bass and a variety of other species at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge . I peered thru the window, anxious to get a look at this...Read more

March Brazil Peacock Bass Trip Report to Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa Fly Fishing
I have always had a passion for off the beaten path fishing locations and find myself continuously searching for waters a little farther from the paths most traveled. Whether it is hiking a little farther, running a white water canyon or tossing a raft off of a bridge, the fish always seem a little...Read more