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Introduction to Trout Spey Fishing

Introduction to Trout Spey Fishing in Montana
A fun and effective method of trout fishing is the down-and-across streamer or wet fly swing. The popularity of trout spey fishing in Montana has grown exponentially over the last few years. The simplicity of spending a day stepping down a run casting and swinging is a refreshing change from the...Read more

Fly fishing knots: From reel arbor to fly

Fly fishing knots: From reel arbor to fly
Does tying knots have you all tangled up? Let us show you the knots you need for a day's fly fishing! Our guides and staff aren't just pros at untangling knots, they're also experts at tying knots! In this post we’ll explain each knot, starting at the reel arbor and working our way out to tying...Read more

Fly Fishing Montana's Lakes: Stillwater Indicator Basics

Stillwater fly fishing Montana lakes
Stillwater Indicator Fishing Basics At Montana Angler we’ve got a wide variety of stillwater fishing options that add a fun and different option for our guided fly fishing trips . Stillwaters can actually produce some of the largest fish a fly fisherman may catch in Montana. We often target smaller...Read more

Flies for Montana Rivers: Soft Hackles

Flies for Montana Rivers: Soft Hackles
Flies for Montana Rivers: Soft hackles There are few things in fly fishing that are more satisfying than tying flies that adhere to the adage “less is more.” Soft hackle flies are a perfect example of flies that play off of simplicity, clean lines, and perfect proportions. They’re also very fun and...Read more

Skating Caddis for Montana Trout

Skating Caddis for Montana Trout
When we are first learning to fly fish the concept of the dead drift is constantly reinforced. It almost seems as if beginners are taught that trout won’t eat a fly unless it has zero drag on it and it’s drifting along perfectly with the current. Fortunately, not all insects just “dead drifting”...Read more

Tips For Fishing Montana's Small Streams

Fly Fishing Montana's Small Streams
Tips for fly fishing Montana's small streams As the snow flies during the winter months here in Montana it is easy for the mind to wander to warmer days spent exploring the intimate water that we fly anglers hold near and dear to our hearts. Perhaps a sense of exploration pulls us toward fly...Read more

4 Tips For Fishing The Madison River in August

August wade fishing on the Upper Madison
August is an extremely popular time to visit and flyfish the Madison River . The Madison can fish well during all 12 months of the year, and each month sees a different set of challenges for fishermen to solve. During August, those challenges can include warm, sunny weather, fishing pressure, and...Read more

Sink Tips vs. Full Sinking Lines for Montana Streamer Fishing

Sink tip fly fishing on big rivers
Fishing with Sinking lines and Sinking tips Fly fishing industry insiders like to reference the movie A River Runs Through It as a bench mark in the growth of the sport from a cult like following into a mainstream recreational activity. The classic novel by Norman Maclean was made into a Hollywood...Read more

4 Keys to Success When Fishing the Madison River in Early June

June fishing on the Madison River
Montana is filled with a variety of different rivers, spring creeks and lakes. The diversity of fishing is staggering and the complexity and variety only increases as we consider different times of year as each fishery changes dramatically in how and where the fish are found over the course of the...Read more

Top 5 Nymphs For The Madison River

5 Top Nymphs for the Madison River The Madison River is quite simply a fantastic nymph fishery. Day in and day out, nymphing the Madison produces quality fish. The consistency of the fishery is one of the main reasons why it is so famous and draws anglers from around the world. Lets take a look at...Read more