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Montana Fly of the Month: April

Montana Fly of the Month: April
Fly of the Month: April 2018 El Camino, Skwala Stonefly tied by Andrew Grillos April fly fishing in Southwest Montana brings a wide variety of options, a favorite option is trying to hit the skwala stonefly hatch on one of our Montana Rivers . Certain rivers have larger populations of these small,...Read more

Favorite Trout Spey Flies for Montana

The Best Trout Spey Flies for Montana
A fun and effective method of trout fishing is the down-and-across streamer swing. The popularity of trout spey fishing in Montana has grown exponentially over the last few years and for good reason. The simplicity of spending a day stepping down a run casting and swinging is a refreshing change...Read more

Hairwing Flies for Summer and Fall Steelhead

Hairwing Flies for Summer and Fall Steelhead
Many of our guides at Montana Angler enjoy chasing steelhead in the fall. Trips to the Pacific Northwest are priorities on some of our calendars, time chasing these elusive anadromous fish can be highly addictive! A fun aspect of being a steelhead angler is spending time tying flies for fish that...Read more

Fly Fishing Montana's Lakes: Stillwater Indicator Basics

Stillwater fly fishing Montana lakes
Stillwater Indicator Fishing Basics At Montana Angler we’ve got a wide variety of stillwater fishing options that add a fun and different option for our guided fly fishing trips . Stillwaters can actually produce some of the largest fish a fly fisherman may catch in Montana. We often target smaller...Read more

Flies for Montana Rivers: Soft Hackles

Flies for Montana Rivers: Soft Hackles
Flies for Montana Rivers: Soft hackles There are few things in fly fishing that are more satisfying than tying flies that adhere to the adage “less is more.” Soft hackle flies are a perfect example of flies that play off of simplicity, clean lines, and perfect proportions. They’re also very fun and...Read more

Montana Fly of the Month: February

Montana Fly of the Month: February
Montana Fly of the Month: February 2018 The Juju Emerger tied by Charlie Craven Winter fly fishing conditions reign supreme during February and a staple of the midwinter Montana angler’s fly selection has got to be a variety of tiny midges and small nymph patterns. The majority of insects that are...Read more

Terrestrial fly fishing in Chile: The Cantaria Beetle

Fly Fishing in Chile: The Cantaria Beetle
Do you like fishing huge dry flies? Chile is the perfect place! The Chilean Cantaria beetle is a unique food source that makes for some incredibly exciting fishing opportunities on our Chilean fishing trips . Most flies that we use to imitate this giant food source tend to be tied on size 1-4 hooks...Read more

Top 5 Nymphs For The Madison River

5 Top Nymphs for the Madison River The Madison River is quite simply a fantastic nymph fishery. Day in and day out, nymphing the Madison produces quality fish. The consistency of the fishery is one of the main reasons why it is so famous and draws anglers from around the world. Lets take a look at...Read more

Winter Fly Fishing in Montana: The Only Flies You Will Ever Need

Pink Ray Charles
Winter fly fishing in Montana isn’t rocket science. The fish have left the shallow riffles and heavy pocket water in favor of the slower and deeper pools. Once you find a good wintertime run there will probably be dozens if not hundreds of trout in it. The trout are going to do 95% of their feeding...Read more