New Bighorn River Fly Fishing Lodge!

Fly Fishing Montana Bighorn River

The Bighorn River is one of Montana's finest trout rivers.  With one of the highest trout densities of any river in the world, the Bighorn's 7500 trout per mile attract anglers from far and wide to its legendary waters.  Montana Angler has partnered with Forrester's Bighorn River Resort to offer multi day fly fishing pacakges at the 2010 Orvis Fishing Lodge of the Year!  The high trout numbers found in the Bighorn are the result of the tail water effect produced by the Yellowtail Dam that forms Bighorn Lake.  The cold clear waters that flow from the bottom of the dam produce the ideal environment for trout to grow rapidly.

The lake moderates both water temperatures and flows resulting in water temps that are warmer than average in the winter allowing for great offseason hatches and trout growth and for colder than normal water in the summer that also helps the trout maintain a high metabolism even in the heat of summer.  The river is an amazing insect factory and hatches on the "Horn" are abundant and explosive.  Forrester's is the only Montana fly fishing lodge on the fabled upper 3 miles of the tailwater just below the dam where trout numbers are highest.  Wade fishing just in front of the lodge in the evenings can be outstanding after a day of float fishing and a world class dinner.

 One of the many great features of the Bighorn is its remarkable year round consistency as a trout fishery.  Mid winter midge hatches produce outstanding dry fly fishing.  The river is also protected by run off from the dam and offers amazing fishing when other Montana rivers are high and dirty. The Bighorn is also the best location in Montana for enjoying a cast and blast.  The river is along a major flyway and waterfowl hunting from drift boats in between casts can be very entertaining.  Upland bird hunting for pheasants is also very good allowing sportsman to combine both wing and fin in the same trip!

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