Eggs and Bacon on the Ruby River

Ruby River Fly Fishing

I had a few friends in town from Colorado so we went and fished the Ruby yesterday.  I've had some good midge action in the past this time of year on the Ruby so we went in hopes of seeing some heads but the hatch never materialized.  Fortunately the nypmh fishing was great and the water flows ideal.  A few other guys had the same idea and we saw two or three other rigs at the access but with a little walking found some great water all to ourselves.  As is the case on all of our Montana rivers this time of year, the fish were concentrated in the slow deep runs just after riffles.  Nothing fancy on the fly selection...eggs and worms ruled the day with midge larva also producing some trout.  Dan Rick also joined us and recently reported some dynamite dry fly action over midges just a few days ago.  Fishing should only get better as the weather continues its march towards mild temps and we will soon be seeing a great progression of spring hatches! Ruby river montana fishingBrown trout on the ruby river

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