Montana Spring Creeks in September

Fishing Montana Spring Creeks

Jerry (a talented angler eager to employ some new casting techniques) and I enjoyed a fun day chasing healthy trout with small flies on Armstrong's Spring Creek.  The fish were cooperative in every run except one.  Regardless of the sunny warm weather, we observed small size 24 BWO's in the morning and some large size 18 BWO's in the afternoon.  A light breeze through the idyllic autumn foliage placed a friendly riffle on the water, which allowed us to sneak in close and tighten the line on numerous wild and energetic fish.  They couldn't refuse a sunken size 22 Baetis Emerger nor a size 18 CDC Baetis Emerger fished dry on 6X.  The baetis are popping (even with full sunshine) and the fish are eager... the next cool cloudy day should have Armstrong's Spring Creek boiling! Miles

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