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May Fly Fishing: Montana's Mother's Day Caddis Hatch

Mothers Day Caddis Hatch
The annual Mother’s Day Caddis hatch is one of the most anticipated events here in Southwest Montana. While it may not be quite as famous as the Salmon Fly hatch, the fishing can be every bit as good, if not even better. The sheer number of bugs that take to the air during the peak of the hatch is...Read more

A Guide to Spring Fishing on the Gallatin River

A Guide to Spring Fishing on the Gallatin River
Spring is a special time for anglers across Montana. As temperatures increase trout become more and more active and the fishing quickly becomes exciting and more diverse. The Gallatin River holds a special place in the hearts of many and is a popular spring fishing destination. With its proximity...Read more

The 5 Best Options for Fly Fishing in Montana in the Month of May

Depuy's spring creek Livingston Montana
When discussing fly fishing in Montana, May can be a double edged sword. On the positive side, the angler is presented with abundant hatches, ice free rivers, and hungry trout that are eager to feed and put on body mass. On the other hand, mountain snowpack is beginning to melt resulting in...Read more

Fly Fishing Montana in May

May in Big Sky Country is a magical month. The trees are full of buds, the grass is green, the mountains are still white, and the fish are feeding. May marks a season of change in Montana. Spring and summer both readily characterize the weather observed in May, with sunshine, snow, rain, wind and...Read more

A Guide to April Fly Fishing in Montana

Fly fishing Montana in April
April is one of our favorite times to get out and fish our local waters. April provides excellent fishing, minimal crowds, and glimpses of good weather to come. Spring fishing is so wonderful that it pains me just a touch to share this information. The days of blistering cold have receded for the...Read more

Montana Fly of the Month: April

Montana Fly of the Month: April
Fly of the Month: April 2018 El Camino, Skwala Stonefly tied by Andrew Grillos April fly fishing in Southwest Montana brings a wide variety of options, a favorite option is trying to hit the skwala stonefly hatch on one of our Montana Rivers . Certain rivers have larger populations of these small,...Read more

Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park On Opening Day in Late May

Fishing Yellowstone National Park on Opening Day
The fishing season in Yellowstone National Park begins at daybreak on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend each year. For me, this is a special occasion viewed with much anticipation. The park was the site of my first fly fishing trip as a young kid. I spent my college summers working and living...Read more