Fly Fishing in the Rain for Monster Montana Browns!

Montana Brown Trout Fishing

 While the faint of heart may cringe at the thought of spending the day on a river on a cold, wet, gloomy day; die hard anglers salivate at the chance.  Seasoned Montana fly fisherman understand that inclement weather offers the best shot at hooking up on a monster brown.  Giant browns like the 25" monster that first time angler Eric Seigel landed while fly fishing the Madison River spend summer days avoiding bright sunlight.  Most of these monsters are big carnivores that come out after dark to pound a smaller trout, a few crayfish or some sculpins and call it a nights work.  The vast majority of trophy browns that I have had clients catch in 15 years of guiding have been during rainy days.  There is something about the combination of cooler water temps, low light and low air pressure that triggers the big boys to feed during the day.  The best way to hook these brutes is to fish water that holds big fish with really big flies.  Streamer fishing may not be the most productive method of fishing, but it is the best way to land giant trout.  Dead drifting large streamers or crayfish also can pull big fish.  If you want to land the trout of a lifetime when fishing in Montana don't sit on the couch in the warmth of your home when bad weather strikes, put on the cold weather gear and swing for the fences!

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