Montana hopper fishing in October?

Montana Fall Fishing

I had a chance to get out on Sunday for an afternoon and do some wade fishing on one of my favorite Montana secret streams.  This little gem is just an hour from Bozeman and is a favorite of a few of our montana fishing guides including myself!  October is usually thought of as a time to huck big streamers or throw dainty dries during a blue winged olive hatch.  Hoppers and other terrestrials are still very important in October, especially when the weather stays warm.  On Sunday I was wet wading on a beautiful sunny day with the highs in the low 80s.  The small stream I was fishing didn't have a footprint on it to be seen and the trout were hungry and willing.  I had a blast pulling out 3-4 trout out of each hole including about 6 fish in the 15-16" range!  Trout were eating my hoppers, but bees were the real ticket.  Early in the day I heard some buzzing and noticed about a hundred bees buzzing drunkenly on the ground near the waters edge.  This time of year bees and wasps start to get slow and die off and many end up in the water.  A yellow double humpy is a good imitation and the fish seemed to agree.  Most of the tourists are now gone from Montana and many of the locals are preoccupied with 4 legged critters that taste good in the oven leaving many of our rivers empty of fisherman!

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