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Fly Fishing for Large Trout

Fly Fishing for Large Trout in Montana
Montana fly fishing has become synonymous with big rivers and large wild trout. With hundreds of thousands of miles of quality trout streams, spectacular scenery and an unspoiled landscape it is easy to see why the state holds a special place in the hearts of fly fisherman from around the globe...Read more

Strategies for Montana Fishing in October

strategies for fishing in october
One of the most frequent questions I am asked when visiting anglers are planning their fishing trip to Montana is “when is the best time to come out”. That question is impossible to answer so I generally try to feel out what is most important to someone: nice weather, lots of action, dry fly...Read more

The Best Dry Fly Fishing in Montana Part 2: Where to Fish

best dry fishing fishing pt 2
If you ask most avid fly fisherman to recount some of their most memorable days on the water, many will tell tales of dry fly loving trout on their favorite waters. Watching a wild trout suck down a dainty mayfly spinner is exciting. Keeping your cool when a monster brown crushes your foam hopper...Read more

Eastern Strategies for Western Fly Fishing

Montana Guiding
As a kid growing up in Pennsylvania I dreamed of visiting the Rocky Mountain West to fish those big rivers that I saw in the fly fishing magazines. Western rivers seemed so different compared to the smaller fisheries that I spent my youth on and I was a bit intimidated when I first arrived in...Read more

Tips from the Guides: Catching More Montana Trout

Montana Fly Fishing Guides
There is a lot more to Montana fishing than just the catching, but getting a few trout to the net never hurts! Here are a few tips that most of our guides use with our fishing guests to instantly help folks get more hook ups with very little extra effort. Use foam patterns when fishing dries We...Read more

The Geometry of Wade Fishing in Montana

Montana Fly Fishing
In a land where float fishing reigns supreme, we have great success on both our guided trips and our own personal fishing when wading. Float fishing obviously has some tremendous advantages such as covering vast amounts of water and accessing stretches of river that would be tough to get to by...Read more

How to Catch Large Trout!

Montana Fly Fishing
1) Fish often Even a blind horse finds water sometimes. The more time you spend on the water the better the chances that you will stumble into the trout of a lifetime. 2) Fish where large trout are common This is probably the most important tip of all. Do whatever you can to fish rivers that...Read more

The best Montana nymph fishing techniques

Montana Fly Fishing
Nymph fishing is a bread and better technique when fishing Montana rivers . The vast majority (over 90%) of a trouts diet comes from subsurface sources such as immature insects, crustaceans and other fish. Day in and day out nymph fishing is often the most effective technique for racking up numbers...Read more

Winter Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Winter Fly Fishing
After enjoying a spectacular fall with very pleasant weather, it looks like winter has finally arrived. A winter storm hit on Monday bringing snow and seasonable (i.e. cold) temperatures and the forecast looking forwards looks like temps in the 30's for the foreseeable future. With normal winter...Read more

October Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Fly Fishing
October fly fishing in Montana often produces our biggest trout of the year. Large browns are prepairing to spawn and are much more aggressive than normal. The big trout are also moving upriver and we get several spawning runs of huge trout that run out of lakes such as Canyon Ferry, Ennis and...Read more