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Winter Fly Fishing in Montana: The Only Flies You Will Ever Need

Pink Ray Charles
Winter fly fishing in Montana isn’t rocket science. The fish have left the shallow riffles and heavy pocket water in favor of the slower and deeper pools. Once you find a good wintertime run there will probably be dozens if not hundreds of trout in it. The trout are going to do 95% of their feeding...Read more

The Best Montana Dry Fly Fishing Part 1: Best Times of Year

Montana Dry Fly Fishing
Cruising the Suface One of our most frequently asked questions by seasoned anglers planning Montana fishing trips is “when and where is the best dry fly fishing?”. As with most fishing related questions the first answer is “it depends”! The biggest attribute of fishing in the Big Sky state is the...Read more

Thanksgiving feast: Large November Montana Brown Trout!

Montana November Brown Trout
As I mentioned in my last post, fall fishing in Montana is synonymous with huge browns. Miles, Doug, and I headed out the day after Thanksgiving to target some large browns and weren't disappointed. After driving through some nasty blizzard conditions in the dark we arrived at the Missouri River to...Read more

Montana fishing in November

Montana Fly Fishing
Many anglers flat out forget about Montana fly fishing in November. Out of state anglers don't want to make a trip in the late fall and risk winter weather and most locals have moved on to hunting elk, deer, grouse and other fur and feathered critters. November has a lot to offer and can produce...Read more

October Fly Fishing in Montana: Go Big or Go Small!

October Fly Fishing Montana Angler
October is a fantastic time to enjoy Montana fly fishing . Water temps are dropping fast as the days get cooler and the fishing can really turn on as the summer tourists have headed back home and kids are back in school. Tom Jenni and I put on for a three day overnight float on the Lower...Read more

Cool Nights, Warm Afternoons, and Reduced Crowds

Montana Fly Fishing
September has blessed us with cool nights and warm sunny afternoons. The fish have been responding very opportunistically to the favorable weather, great water levels, and reduced crowds this time of year. Dry fly fishing is excellent right now throughout the region. We've been fishing the...Read more

Montana fishing in September: what to expect

Montana Fly Fishing in September
September is a transition month in Montana. Fall can arrive early in the Rockies, but warm Indian summers are also possible. Most of the snow from the previous winter has melted out and river flows are low even on a big water year. Nights are becoming longer and temperatures start dropping...Read more

Great Montana Fishing In June

Montana Fly Fishing in June
When summer finally arrives in Montana there is still plenty of snow in the mountains. Warmer weather melts snow at a rapid rate during spring run off and many rivers become high, dirty and dangerous. Although some favorite rivers like the Yellowstone are toast during run off, there are still many...Read more

A Guide to Montana Fishing in May

May Fishing on the Madison
May is perhaps the most dynamic times of year to fly fish in Montana, yet it flies under the radar for most visiting anglers. It is a month of significant change; river levels, weather patterns and insect hatches can change quickly from one day to the next. As water temperatures warm quickly the...Read more