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Madison River Fly Fishing: 5 tips for the fall

Madison River Fall Fishing
Fall may be the best time of year to fish the Madison river. The amount of angling pressure sharply drops, with kids back in school most of the tourists have left and a majority of the locals take to the woods to hunt deer and elk. As the temps drop and lead to cool nights and crisp mornings the...Read more

Montana hopper fishing in October?

Montana Fall Fishing
I had a chance to get out on Sunday for an afternoon and do some wade fishing on one of my favorite Montana secret streams. This little gem is just an hour from Bozeman and is a favorite of a few of our montana fishing guides including myself! October is usually thought of as a time to huck big...Read more

October Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Fly Fishing
October fly fishing in Montana often produces our biggest trout of the year. Large browns are prepairing to spawn and are much more aggressive than normal. The big trout are also moving upriver and we get several spawning runs of huge trout that run out of lakes such as Canyon Ferry, Ennis and...Read more

Fishing through run off

Fishing During Run Off in Montana
As we hit the latter stages of winter and cabin fever has fully overtaken, many of us start daydreaming about the warmth of spring sun and fishing. Whether you live in Montana or are maybe planning a fly-fishing trip to Montana, one factor that we all must account for when making our fishing plans...Read more