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Spring Fishing on the Missouri River

spring fishing on the missouri
Matt Morris, his girl Laura, and I took a drive over to the Missouri below Halter today. We were let down by the weatherman, who called for 68 degrees and sunshine. Instead we encountered fog and low clouds with temperatures barely breaking the high 40's. Our attitudes weren't glum for long though...Read more

Spring Fishing on the Madison: Two Firsts

two firsts
I took my wife to the Lower Madison to fish on a partly sunny 50 degree afternoon. It was certainly nice to be on the water again this spring, which has produced high quality spring fishing. We parked the truck and took a short walk before fishing a deep bucket (depression). I immediately hooked...Read more

Winter Fishing in Montana Impresses

winter fishing
My good buddy Dan visited Bozeman this weekend for a short late winter vacation get-a-way. Dan and I grew up in grade school together, later became college roommates, and more recently served in each other’s weddings. We awoke Friday morning to the delightful surprise of 11" of cold smoke powder...Read more

A Guide to Montana fly fishing in July

fishing in july
July fly fishing in Montana produces some of the most diverse angling conditions of the year. July is hand’s down the busiest time of the year for fishing the blue ribbon rivers of the Big Sky state. The popularity is due in part to the fact that July is often when a lot of people like to plan...Read more

Winter Fly Fishing in Montana: The Only Flies You Will Ever Need

Pink Ray Charles
Winter fly fishing in Montana isn’t rocket science. The fish have left the shallow riffles and heavy pocket water in favor of the slower and deeper pools. Once you find a good wintertime run there will probably be dozens if not hundreds of trout in it. The trout are going to do 95% of their feeding...Read more

The Best Dry Fly Fishing in Montana Part 2: Where to Fish

best dry fishing fishing pt 2
If you ask most avid fly fisherman to recount some of their most memorable days on the water, many will tell tales of dry fly loving trout on their favorite waters. Watching a wild trout suck down a dainty mayfly spinner is exciting. Keeping your cool when a monster brown crushes your foam hopper...Read more

Eastern Strategies for Western Fly Fishing

Montana Guiding
As a kid growing up in Pennsylvania I dreamed of visiting the Rocky Mountain West to fish those big rivers that I saw in the fly fishing magazines. Western rivers seemed so different compared to the smaller fisheries that I spent my youth on and I was a bit intimidated when I first arrived in...Read more

The Best Montana Dry Fly Fishing Part 1: Best Times of Year

Mother's Day Caddis Hatch Madison River
One of our most frequently asked questions by seasoned anglers planning Montana fishing trips is “when and where is the best dry fly fishing?”. As with most fishing related questions the first answer is “it depends”! The biggest attribute of fishing in the Big Sky state is the vast diversity of...Read more

Montana Fly Fishing Equipment Wish List

Montana Fly Fishing Equipment
Gear for the coming season! I find myself doing a lot of day dreaming about fishing equipment over the holidays. My wife is from Nebraska and I usually end up with a Cabela's gift card or two and contemplating what new gear I "need" is just a normal part of 'tis the season. With a trip to Argentina...Read more

Thanksgiving feast: Large November Montana Brown Trout!

Montana November Brown Trout
As I mentioned in my last post, fall fishing in Montana is synonymous with huge browns. Miles, Doug, and I headed out the day after Thanksgiving to target some large browns and weren't disappointed. After driving through some nasty blizzard conditions in the dark we arrived at the Missouri River to...Read more