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Montana fishing in September: what to expect

Montana Fly Fishing in September
September is a transition month in Montana. Fall can arrive early in the Rockies, but warm Indian summers are also possible. Most of the snow from the previous winter has melted out and river flows are low even on a big water year. Nights are becoming longer and temperatures start dropping...Read more

Great Montana Fishing In June

Montana Fly Fishing in June
When summer finally arrives in Montana there is still plenty of snow in the mountains. Warmer weather melts snow at a rapid rate during spring run off and many rivers become high, dirty and dangerous. Although some favorite rivers like the Yellowstone are toast during run off, there are still many...Read more

Tips from the Guides: Catching More Montana Trout

Montana Fly Fishing Guides
There is a lot more to Montana fishing than just the catching, but getting a few trout to the net never hurts! Here are a few tips that most of our guides use with our fishing guests to instantly help folks get more hook ups with very little extra effort. Use foam patterns when fishing dries We...Read more

A Guide to Montana Fishing in May

May Fishing on the Madison
May is perhaps the most dynamic times of year to fly fish in Montana, yet it flies under the radar for most visiting anglers. It is a month of significant change; river levels, weather patterns and insect hatches can change quickly from one day to the next. As water temperatures warm quickly the...Read more

Montana Spring Hatches are Heating Up!

Montana Spring Hatches
Several of our guides have been out on a variety of different waters lately and the last few days have produced some outstanding fishing. Midges continue to produce good dry fly fishing on the Gallatin and Lower Madison . We had a very good report from the lower end of Bear Trap canyon that...Read more

Dry Flies on the Gallatin!

Gallatin River Fly Fishing
I've been hoping to run into a good midge hatch one of these days. It seems like everyone I talked to was reporting a nice run in with rising fish over the midge hatch the last few weeks. On friday I met up with seasoned guide Sean Blaine and Ryan Castle to do some fishing behind the Gallatin River...Read more

Eggs and Bacon on the Ruby River

Ruby River Fly Fishing
I had a few friends in town from Colorado so we went and fished the Ruby yesterday. I've had some good midge action in the past this time of year on the Ruby so we went in hopes of seeing some heads but the hatch never materialized. Fortunately the nypmh fishing was great and the water flows ideal...Read more

Early spring fly fishing in Montana: take what you can get!

Montana Fly Fishing
March is still winter in Montana but it is close enough to spring that sun craved Montanans break out into shorts when temps hit 40 degrees. This intense craving for “fishing weather” sometimes replaces the rational with the irrational. Such was the case for Dan Rick, Tom Reed and myself on a...Read more

Montana Fishing in April

Montana April Fly Fishing
Spring is fast approaching and everyone is itching to get out and wet a line. Although winter fishing is great...things really begin to get exciting when water temperatures begin rising in the spring. One of the great attractions of fly fishing in Montana is the terrific variety that anglers can...Read more

New Bighorn River Fly Fishing Lodge!

Fly Fishing Montana Bighorn River
The Bighorn River is one of Montana's finest trout rivers. With one of the highest trout densities of any river in the world, the Bighorn's 7500 trout per mile attract anglers from far and wide to its legendary waters. Montana Angler has partnered with Forrester's Bighorn River Resort to offer...Read more