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Fly Fishing Chile Trip Report: Magic Waters Lodge Patagonia

Magic Waters Chile
“Do you have anything bigger” was Eduardo’s response when he looked at my attractor dry fly box after we arrived at his fishing lodge in Chilean Patagonia . As a Montana fly fishing guide I pride myself on my collection of “big ugly” rubber legged, foam laden dry flies. Apparently my copious supply...Read more

How to fish the Salmon fly Hatch (or not)

Montana's salmon fly hatch
The Salmon fly hatch in Montana is one of the world's most legendary fishing spectacles. It ranks near the top with fishing the giant migratory tarpon of the Homosassa flats, site fishing to back country New Zealand trout, Tierra del Fuego sea run browns, the green drake hatch on Penn's Creek and...Read more

Low Pressure Trout Strategies

Off the beaten path fly fishing
Trout are smart. Their peanut sized brain my not afford them the kind of intelligence needed to use sign language with their fins or swim a choreographed ballet at sea world, but they do have the cunning to identify fake food with a hook in it. The fact of the matter is that trout remember getting...Read more

When Is The Best Time To Fish Montana?

when is the best time to fish montana
This is one of our most commonly asked questions. It is also one of the most difficult to answer. As with most fishing related conversations the initial answer to questions inquiring about the best time of year is “it depends”. There are several reasons why selecting a single time of year to...Read more

Fly Fishing Montana In November Produces Big Results

doug casey big fall brown trout
Fall fishing has a cult following in Montana. Die hard anglers visit the Big Sky state in October every year hoping to hook up with the fish of a lifetime. For a variety of reasons, most angler put their fall fishing eggs in the October basket and ignore the late fall. Rivers in November are...Read more

How to Choose the Best Montana Fly Fishing Lodge

Montana fishing lodges provide excellent food and high quality fly fishing for trout.
The quality of your fishing experience on your valuable vacation time on a trip to Montana is usually the top priority for most our guests but a close second is the quality of the lodging. Fishing lodges offer a great environment that helps to extend the vacation feel beyond your time on the water...Read more

Montana Fly Fishing for Carp

Montana Fly Fishing For Carp
Montana fly fishing has deservedly gained a reputation for offering some of the world's finest angling for wild trout. Visiting anglers come to Montana in search of pristine waters, large trout, great hatches and unparalleled scenery. Carp fishing on Montana fishing trips is not usually what most...Read more

Montana Hopper Fishing

Montana Grasshopper Fly Fishing
Late summer in Montana brings some of the most highly anticipated dry fly fishing of the season. Montana's numerous large agricultural valleys filled with alfalfa fields are a haven for the large insects. Although grasshoppers fill the fields in the early summer, trout do not get interested in them...Read more

Spring Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Spring Fly Fishing Hatches
Some of Montana's best hatches occur early in the season before the rivers become swollen with snowmelt. Savvy anglers have realized that targeting these hatches can provide some fantastic early season dry fly fishing. Many Montana fly fishing guides rate the spring as their favorite time to hit...Read more

Fly Fishing for Large Trout

Fly Fishing for Large Trout in Montana
Montana fly fishing has become synonymous with big rivers and large wild trout. With hundreds of thousands of miles of quality trout streams, spectacular scenery and an unspoiled landscape it is easy to see why the state holds a special place in the hearts of fly fisherman from around the globe...Read more