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How to Catch Large Trout!

Montana Fly Fishing
1) Fish often Even a blind horse finds water sometimes. The more time you spend on the water the better the chances that you will stumble into the trout of a lifetime. 2) Fish where large trout are common This is probably the most important tip of all. Do whatever you can to fish rivers that...Read more

Smith River Fly Fishing Trips!

Smith River Fly Fishing
We recently partnered with fellow outfitter Joe Sowerby to offer Smith River fly fishing trips . The Smith is one of Montana's great trout rivers and is unique because of the very limited access. There is over 100 miles of river to fish below the put in at Camp Baker requiring the trip to take...Read more

The best Montana nymph fishing techniques

Montana Fly Fishing
Nymph fishing is a bread and better technique when fishing Montana rivers . The vast majority (over 90%) of a trouts diet comes from subsurface sources such as immature insects, crustaceans and other fish. Day in and day out nymph fishing is often the most effective technique for racking up numbers...Read more

Winter Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Winter Fly Fishing
After enjoying a spectacular fall with very pleasant weather, it looks like winter has finally arrived. A winter storm hit on Monday bringing snow and seasonable (i.e. cold) temperatures and the forecast looking forwards looks like temps in the 30's for the foreseeable future. With normal winter...Read more

November Fishing in Montana

November Fly Fishing in Montana
November fly fishing in Montana is a bit of a wildcard. The fishing is typically very good, but the weather is unpredictable. The threat of cold weather deters many folks from planning trips in November, but it is a very underutilized month for fishing and should be on the radar of more anglers. I...Read more

Madison River Fly Fishing: 5 tips for the fall

Madison River Fall Fishing
Madison river fly fishing is possibly at its best in October. The river is nearly empty as tourists have gone home and many locals are in the woods fishing. This is also a time of the year when some of the largest trout of the year are landing including a few fish each year in the 28-30" class. Dry...Read more

Montana hopper fishing in October?

Montana Fall Fishing
I had a chance to get out on Sunday for an afternoon and do some wade fishing on one of my favorite Montana secret streams. This little gem is just an hour from Bozeman and is a favorite of a few of our montana fishing guides including myself! October is usually thought of as a time to huck big...Read more

October Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Fly Fishing
October fly fishing in Montana often produces our biggest trout of the year. Large browns are prepairing to spawn and are much more aggressive than normal. The big trout are also moving upriver and we get several spawning runs of huge trout that run out of lakes such as Canyon Ferry, Ennis and...Read more

Fly Fishing in the Rain for Monster Montana Browns!

Montana Brown Trout Fishing
While the faint of heart may cringe at the thought of spending the day on a river on a cold, wet, gloomy day; die hard anglers salivate at the chance. Seasoned Montana fly fisherman understand that inclement weather offers the best shot at hooking up on a monster brown. Giant browns like the 25"...Read more

Twitching Hoppers

Hopper Fishing
There is something absolutely addictive about hopper fishing in Montana . Watching big fish large flies is the apex of fly fishing. Once mid July comes around everyone becomes hopper crazy and begins throwing countless foam hoppers on our local rivers. By mid august fish have seen a lot of hoppers...Read more