Boulder River Fishing Report

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Current Conditions:
The Boulder is very low and clear right now.  The water is still cold and many fish remain in the winter holds.  They are a bit spooky but nymphing has been solid.  Fly selection isn’t complex this time of year, with old standby’s like San Juan Worms, Girdle Bugs, and Pheasant Tail’s producing fish.  Hatches are sparse over here in the spring and the cold, low water isn’t great for streamer fishing.  Look for your deeper, slower water and you should be able to nymph em’ up.

The Month Ahead:
The Boulder is a north facing drainage and tends to go into runoff a bit later than other area rivers.  As the water warms and rises the fish will become more active and spread out.  Nymphing is going to be the preferred technique until after runoff subsides.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
Dry fly fishing will pick up on the Boulder as its hatches get going after runoff.  Like the Gallatin, the Boulder has extremely cold water and tends to fish well all summer.  Terrestrials become very important over here later in the summer.