East Gallatin River Fishing Report

Thursday, June 23, 2022
East Gallatin River

Current Conditions:

The water on the East is still pretty high, which makes staying below the high water mark difficult at times. In the areas that you can reach, the fishing has been pretty consistent with nymph rigs. Worms, stoneflies and PMD nymphs have been working well. Flows should drop soon for better wading conditions and allow for some great fishing on the East. 

The Month Ahead:

Once flows drop the East always fishes well over the PMD hatch in late June and early July.  

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The East drops fast and is more of a big stream than a river in the summer months.  Groundwater and some spring creeks keep water temps good all summer. There are nice hatches but the trout are very spooky so be prepared for more of a spring creek experience in the summer and fall months. This is a different animal than the West Gallatin.