East Gallatin River Fishing Report

Thursday, November 1, 2018

East Gallatin Fishing Report

Current Conditions:
As the high country freezes the East will become more of a spring creek than anything. Fishing can be very solid throughout the fall here. Dry fly fishing over thick Baetis hatches can be amazing on warmer cloudy days. It can be quite technical so bring you’re “A” game. Nymphing is always good with crayfish, worms, eggs and leeches trailed by a baetis, midge, or small sow bug. Streamer/swing fishing can be good at times. If it isn’t consistent stick with it as you might still turn a larger fish or two.

The Month Ahead:
As mentioned above the East transitions into more of a spring creek and can be quite good but technical at times. Pressure from the locals will start to wain and you can have some solid fishing.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
The East is a great winter option. Nymphing will be the ticket to success. But be sneaky with a yarn indicator and lighter tippet.